3 Actors for Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

“In the beginning, there was a geek named Scott. He wished and hoped that one day, somebody would make a live action Daredevil television series. And maybe a Heroes for Hire and Alias (no, not that one) series as well, if they had time. And lo, Marvel and Netflix teamed up to produce a several shows including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, culminating in a Defenders series. Thus, the geek’s dreams became reality and much rejoicing was had, involving Scott jumping up and down on his Man Without Fear bedspread in nerdy glee, making high pitched squeaks to the everlasting shame of his parents.”

-Excerpt from the Gospel according to Scott.

But seriously, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time! These are some of the best characters that Marvel has to offer and they’re finally getting the treatment they deserve. Daredevil got a much maligned movie, Iron Fist and Luke Cage got relegated to side characters in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and Jessica Jones nearly had a series written by the screenwriter of the Twilight films, Melissa Rosenberg! What’s that? Rosenberg is writing this series as well? *Starts to hyperventilate* Okay… okay. Calm down. It’s not her fault that the Twilight films were so bad. Maybe she’s done other stuff? Let’s see… *type* *type* *type*. Huh. She wrote for The O.C., Dexter and had several award nominations. Crisis over.

But with hype so big as this, the one question on everyone’s mind is… who to cast? Here are a few suggestions.

4. Iron Fist

Iron Fist, a.k.a. Danny Rand. Martial arts expert, master of chi, entrepreneur and Hero for Hire. This guy fought a dragon to become the best martial artist in the world. He’s gone up against ninjas, other dimensional aliens and HYDRA. He’s a really awesome character. So who could play him? Well…

Justin Hartley

This guy. He was been great as Green Arrow, adored as Aquaman in the Mercy Reef pilot and remarkable in Revenge. Can he hold up as Iron Fist though? Well, like I said, he has a bit of a superhero pedigree.

Green Arrow was at first a recurring character on Smallville, initially only appearing in a seven episode stint, but was bumped up to the main cast, appearing in a total of 52 episodes. And he was badass in this series! He was like the Punisher mixed with Hawkeye, dispensing justice down the shaft of an arrow, outside the bounds of the law. He was so cool, the same television network that did Smallville decided to make a Green Arrow series… without Hartely. That’s just mean.

But, seriously, he has what it takes to play this character. Danny Rand lost his parents and went through extreme hardship to get his abilities so he has a dark side. But he’s always motivated to do the right thing and when the call has gone out, he’s one of the first to stand up and be counted. He pretended to be Daredevil during Civil War just to give Matt Murdock an alibi for goodness sake! Hartley can show both sides of him in equal measure. Plus, I think it’d be nice to see him play a Marvel superhero rather than a DC one, don’t you? No? Just me? Alright then.


Mike Vogel

Mike Vogel has been making strides recently, hasn’t he? He was in Stephen King’s Under the Dome, Psycho prequel Bates Motel, the short lived series Pan Am and films such as Blue Valentine, She’s Out of My League, Cloverfield and The Help, to name a few. He just keeps popping up. And with good reason I think. He’s played a wide variety of characters, ranging from troubled airline pilot to mysterious stranger to seemingly benign sheriff with a dark secret and more. And interestingly enough, he was offered the role of Angel in X-Men: The Last Stand but backed out. Smart move, Mike.

And not to mention he’s appeared in multiple genres. He’s done action/adventure, horror, romantic comedy, drama and even neo-noir. I think he’s due for a superhero film. Plus, he’s shown he can be centre stage on a show, as seen in Under the Dome but also that he can work well with others and play off their characters. He’s a good all rounder. It makes sense that he could carry a show and a character like Iron Fist and then be part of the team when Defenders comes around.

Plus, he seems like a really hard worker. In 2010 he did three films plus appeared in Miami Medical, in 2011 he did two films plus Pan Am and this year he’s done two films, Bates Motel, Under the Dome and a television pilot. Bloody hell. Hope he’s got enough energy to play Iron Fist!


Wilson Bethel

I watch Hart of Dixie, alright? I love it, okay? I’m a big, wussy, girl’s blouse wearing pansy! Get over it! Out of the three actors I have chosen for Iron Fist, Wilson Bethel is probably the wild card.  Why is he the wild card, you ask? Well, as I said, he stars in Hart of Dixie as Wade Kinsella the lovable rouge next door (yes, I am on Team Zade… shut up). And he is very good in it. But he remains relatively unproven outside of the show. Aside from a few brief appearances on different television shows, the only things of note he’s been in is soap opera The Young and the Restless, the direct-to-video western Wyatt Earp’s Revenge as Doc Holliday, the lead in an unremarkable film called Stealing Summers and possibly the only GOOD film that Uwe Boll has made: 1968 Tunnel Rats.

So why do I think that he could play Iron Fist? Make no mistake, he has talent. I wouldn’t recommend him if I didn’t think he could do it. It’s just that he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to showcase his talent. I honestly think that if he went for the role, he’d be good in it. Don’t believe me? Watch Hart of Dixie, he’s great in it! He plays a character that’s very light hearted but also has a fair bit of trauma to him. It’s a good, complex character and Wilson plays him well. Give him a chance, go on.


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