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5 Actors To Play Martian Manhunter

Oft forgotten, even by his own people, and unknown to many on Earth, the Martian Manhunter also has the unfortunate accolade of being the only member of the Justice League without a film in development.

J’onn J’onnz has had a hard time of it since first being stranded far from his home on the Red Planet, despite his ability to control minds, shape-shift, fly, phase through objects and project beams of energy. Perhaps the only real Superman-beater on the team, like Krypton’s Last Son, he also has a highly specific yet more accessible weakness: fire. That’s right, you can send him packing with nothing more than a can of deodorant and a lighter; that’s if he doesn’t convince you to jump off a building first.

J’onn is certainly a tough character to cast, if indeed he’s cast at all: he might end up being entirely computer-generated, at least in his Martian form. That still leaves the need for a voice actor, however.

So who will play – or voice – this key member of the Justice League?


5. Peter Mensah


A strong visual contender, at least, Peter Mensah is best known for his work in TV’s Spartacus and as playing the unfortunate messenger in 300, memorably consigned to the inky depths with a well-placed boot to the chest. Though they could paint him green and save on the CGI budget, he might lack the acting prowess and appropriately bass-y vocalism the character requires. That being said, if Christian Bale gets to have a Batman voice, why couldn’t Mensah affect more sonorous tones for the sake of the Martian Manhunter. Out of the whole JLA, as crucial yet disregarded as the J’onn J’onzz is, this is one piece of casting that needs to go right.


4. Vin Diesel


He’s got the muscles, the voice, the shiny bald head and a peculiar ability to pull off strangely coloured eyes. Based on his filmography so far, the Pitch Black star might not have the proven acting chops to play the emotionally-complex Martian – the closest he’s come is probably The Iron Giant – though he could certainly kick an appropriate amount of ass. In fact, he could make for a very interesting take on the Manhunter as a more physical combatant. As it stands, he may be committed to an unknown position within the rival Marvel Universe, but if Ben Affleck can be Daredevil and Batman, surely Diesel can find a way to make it work.


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