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REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1×09 “Repairs”

Well this seems like a bit of odd timing for this episode. The mood, the feel, the overall emotion had a very Halloween like vibe to it and yet in the end “Repairs” was a solid enough story about May’s past and what the future may hold. Since the show began one of it’s largest faults was the character of May and how she seemed like just a plot device when the writers wanted a fight. There was no depth, no deeper meaning, all we knew is that something had happened to her and it was bad. We finally found out what that was and I have to say I was underwhelmed, I wanted creativity, unpredictability, and uniqueness. Instead it feels as if we received a retread of a plot from another show. I don’t want to say I am feeling cheated by this show, but I do expect some sort of fun to happen on a weekly basis, so lets dive in.

With May there is a certain basic principle that we have come to expect, she sucks at showing her emotions and letting her guard down. Sure this is a nice idea for a short while, but if a character fails to develop at an acceptable pace, than they will just be regarded as space filler. That is what May unfortunately seems to be at this point in time, a plot device who is meant to progress the story to a certain point and nothing more. The reveal of what her nickname “the cavalry” actually means was nice at first glance as it managed to be just heartbreaking enough to explain why May is so cold and distant. However, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to just irk me as May could be so much more than a war torn soldier. By the show refusing to show us May’s moments of strife and anguish we are robbed of an emotional connection to the character. This was especially evident in her big speech about moving on and accepting responsibility, May was just so cold and non emotive that I could not tell if she believed what she was saying. I want to see some real emotion rather than some cold emoting.

As for the plot of the episode it offered a lot of interesting avenues for the story to take, mostly what was the “hell” dimension the villain was stuck in. Marvel has a bevy of options that they could choose from, whether it is one of the nine realms, or perhaps something more sinister. The great thing about how ambiguous the plot was was that it will afford the writers a lot of opportunities moving forward. Another great thing is that the interplay among the team is coming along nicely, it helped to draw to he fact that May is the least fleshed out of all these characters. I really am enjoying how the charters are interacting with each other, and the entire prank plot was satisfying enough that it never became annoying. Sure there is some room for improvement as with any show, but as for right now it is clear that the large majority of the cast is in a good groove.


This was an ok episode but nothing really to write home about.


Final grade C


+Fun haunted house plot

+Found out the origins of May


-May is still very stiff even with the reveal of her backstory

-Not much else going on

-Very bland for the most part


Extra Thoughts.

-So Roxxon Oil popped up in the beginning. The only time I ever hear of Roxxon is in Spider-Man.

-That “hell dimension” looked an awful lot like Mars or maybe Dormammu. I want to see if that plays out in the future.

-You would think for a super genius Fitz could do better than a mop with a gas mask as a prank.

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