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REVIEW: Arrow 2×06 “Keep Your Enemies Closer”

Well if the second season of Arrow teaches us anything it is as long as your name is not Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman you are open season. Yes in Diggle’s hunt for a reason his brother was killed we managed to get another well known name added to our already very long list of famous DC villains. At the same time Ollie finally pays his debt to Diggle from last season and gets some strange in Russia. I have no idea how all of those things managed to happen, but you definitely can’t say that “Keep Your Enemies Closer” was not jam packed with a fun plot. Also there was a ton of different relationship drama not only in the present but the past as well. All very exciting stuff but I felt the episode still suffered from some unnecessary plot and  could have benefited from a little tightening. So lets dive in shall we.

So Diggle’s quest to save Lila from a Russian gulag became secondary the moment he was given a heart to heart with Deadshot. Yes the assassin who never misses unless you have plot armor made his return and decidedly upped the stakes by telling Diggle that H.I.V.E. put out the contract on Diggle’s brother. That brings us up to three evil organizations this season on Arrow and make no mistake, H.I.V.E will most likely be a slow burn villain as the series moves forward. It was great to see Diggle in an uncomfortable situation such as the gulag and being forced to team up with Deadshot, but I still wonder what happens now that Deadshot is out in the world. It’s not like he is a random grunt or fodder villain, Deadshot can do some serious damage to Diggle’s life if he wants to, especially now that he has seen Oliver and Felicity’s faces. Kind of a rookie movie and I will be interested to see how the writers get team Arrow out of this mess as now multiple villains have seen the real faces of the team. No es bueno especially if you are a hero.

On the bizarro front we had some real progress on multiple relationship fronts, with Rochev sexing up Ollie, and Diggle actually getting a seemingly sustainable girlfriend in Lila. I have to say the Rochev stuff threw me for a bit of a loop as I was not expecting that much progression from her character, it is however always good to see Summer Glau have fun with a part. It was a nice touch that neither of them regarded having sex as anything more that sex, this partnership is not meant to be romantic but rather a more situation of circumstance. Also Ollie was finally not in control of a relationship that in and of itself is a nice change of pace. What really made the scene strong was Ollie telling Felicity that he did not want to be in a real relationship because he feared what he would do if they were ever put in danger. This most likely stems back to something that happened on the island, but Ollie setting boundaries is a nice first step to defining a future relationship. The other strong development on the relationship front was Moria finally getting a chance to meet Roy, why a jury would care about who Thea is dating is beyond me, but it was a nice idea to get all of these characters in a room to talk. It really was one of the stronger scenes of the night

On the island we managed to finally find out what happened to Slade, fyi taking a missile to the face not a good idea. Yes half of Slade’s face has been burned but at least he has Shado by his side being the most kick-ass nurse we know of. At the same time island Sara wants to help island Ollie contact his friends of course this all turns out to be a ruse initiated by Dr. Ivo who not only knows who Ollie is but plans to use him to find some sort of Japanese super soldier serum. I really don’t know what changed to make Ollie not want to kill Sara on sight, especially if she constantly manipulates him for Ivo, but I really am looking forward to finding out. I am slightly disspointed in the fact that Ivo is not going the whole Amazo, but who knows maybe his first successful subject will be codenamed Amazo.

Overall a solid episode with some fun revelations.


Final Grade B


+Fun Diggle Plot

+More DC villains popping up

+Solid relationship material


-Deadshot seeing Ollie and Felicity’s faces

-Island Sara not really proving why she should be alive in the present.

-Rochev all of a sudden wanting to sleep with Ollie was kind of out of left field

-Took awhile to get to the main plot


Extra Thoughts

-Why would Diggle look up H.I.V.E in a simple internet search? Was he hoping to get a Yahoo answer about a secret organization.

-I liked Antatoli, he seems to be just cliched enough to be continually enjoyable.

-Looks like Slade finally has a reason to wear his mask now.Hopefully he teams up with Cynthia Addai-Robinson‘s Amanda Waller so we can get a full on Spartacus reunion going.

-That’s the fourth mention of this particle accelerator in Central City. Smart money is on that being important in like two to three weeks.

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