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REVIEW: Arrow 2×07 “State v. Queen”

Well this escalated quickly, and I don’t only mean the trial. Yes, with “State v. Queen” Moria’s trial quickly fell to the background as The Count returned to settle the score with the vigilante, and for once in his life The Count actually acted like a full on super villain. Everything was moving along making this a nice episode, but boy did that ending really amp things up more than a few levels. I really want to know what hit the writers in the head this season to make every episode consistently great, because after this week nothing will be the same for the rest of the season I figure. Oh and did we mention that even the island had some great plot development this week with team island gaining a new member. If anything this week is definitely going to increase what we expect out of Arrow moving forward since it proved we can have high quality material on a weekly basis. So let’s dive in shall we.

So let’s start at the end shall we with Malcolm not only back from the dead due to what I can only assume is Lazarus Pit related but also being revealed as Thea’s father. This all happens after Moria is acquitted of murder and conspiracy and has it revealed she had an affair with Malcolm. Ignoring the fact that there was no one to bring Malcolm to the pit when he died the idea that Thea is his daughter really changes the dynamic of the Queen family. It also makes her former crush on Tommy seem all the more disturbing in retrospect. Of course with Malcolm’s resurrection it kind of makes any death on the show seem rather mute because we can just Lazarus them back now, but who cares. Malcolm is back and just as terrifying and slightly more crazy than I remember him. I really did not realize how much I had missed John Barrowman until he put an arrow through that driver’s chest. He is the perfect villain because he is cold, calculating, and also a complete psychopath. I really can’t wait for Ollie to find out he is back, because that is going to destroy him.

Speaking of destroying Oliver apparently the smartest man in the room has to die, and that man’s name is Count Vertigo. Yes, The count managed to take some really incongruous data and managed to figure out that Ollie was indeed The Hood. Seth Gabel’s performance as Count Vertigo was definitely much better this time around as instead of just being a sociopathic drug dealer, he was a sociopathic drug dealer with a plan. It’s amazing how much a well formulated super villain plot can really elevate a villain from simple one off, to “I really want you to recur.” The smarminess of his character definitely came across much better, especially during the prison break where he intentionally freed The Dollmaker. There was something about that tiny detail that really tied Vertigo’s character together and made him feel much more fleshed out. It was a Joker-esque moment only on a much smaller scale, and it managed to play so well on camera. Unfortunately The writers decided to make Ollie put three arrows in his chest and then fall out a thirty story building. I am not saying that means the end for Vertigo now that Lazarus in play, but he his definitely out of commission for a while.

Continuing the trend of great villains Ivo is coming along nicely, as the comic Ivo was kind of adverse to getting his hands dirty. Show Ivo however will full on shoot a guy in the head for failing him one to many times, that is pretty hardcore for a lab geek in my opinion. Yet it some how worked as we discovered the hosen had some coordinates on it that will lead to a submarine with possibly some super soldier serum. You know like the super soldier serum that gives Slade his healing factor in the comics. It’s like the writers are just wrapping presents for us and we know what is in the box but it does not mean we are any less excited about opening it. Soon everyone will be getting some fun comic book like origin, and you know what, I can’t wait. Especially since Brother Blood seems to be using some type of working serum in the present, this is going to get good.

So yeah, this ended up being an awesome week for Arrow with a bunch of superb villains really living up to their potential. Things are going to keep ramping up because in two weeks, Barry Allen comes to Starling City.

Overall a fantastic episode.


Final Grade A-


+Malcolm is back and his revelations were awesome

+Count Vertigo was finally a respectable villain

+The Island plot was great

+Ollie’s final confrontation with Vertigo


-Vertigo getting killed off right when he became a cool adversary

-Death hopefully does not become irrelevant now that the Lazarus Pit is in play


Extra Thoughts

-So, Brother Blood welcomes a Brother Cyrus to the fold. There is only one famous DC comic Cyrus I know of. Cyrus Gold, he was BORN ON A MONDAY.

-Nice to see Roy’s “beat the crap out of me” personality exists on the show. I hope he uses those gloves at a gym soon.

-Really want to know how Laurel was made to prosecute that case in the first place as it was a major conflict of interest. Just saying any judge in their right mind should have had her removed.

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