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REVIEW: Legend Of Korra 2×12 “Harmonic Convergence”

I really wanted to start this review off with a “end of the world as we know it” joke, but shit just got real, real fast everyone. Yes, Unalaq is not just your ordinary power hungry sociopath working for a dark master, he believes that he is actually destined to be the Dark Avatar, and bring spirits back to the human world. Meanwhile Team Avatar is planning a raid on the spirit portal, Tenzin has gone full Revenzin (thanks Reddit for that one), and Bumi turns into the mad genius we knew he would become. Yes “Harmonic Convergence” started as the clam before the storm but quickly turned into five minutes to midnight in a hurry. In terms of plot progression we ended up exactly where we wanted to be come the end of the hour but this was, more about giving us some final really good character moments before everything goes to hell in a hand basket. So lets dive into part two of our epic four part finale.

I am going to get the annoying stuff out of the way, Mako is still a lying douche, and that does not seem like it will change anytime. Of all of the characters who managed to progress this season Mako had made the largest strides, and yet, in a span of ten twenty minutes not only did he manage to become a lying douche, he made Bolin the voice of reason. It was like some bizzaro version of Korra where Mako is the incompetent one and Bolin is the suave one who plans ahead. Weird I know, but not as weird as Eska and Desna still believing their father is on the side of the just. I mean Unalaq completely said that Desna was expendable to Eska two weeks ago, yet they are still going with the blood is thicker than water route. I thought that maybe after Unalaq said he was going to become the Dark Avatar they would switch sides, but apparently they are fiercely loyal no matter the level of crazy. Luckily these were only minor annoyances as the large majority of the episode managed to build upon “Night of a Thousand Stars”.

The star of this episode though was without a doubt Bumi, who as it turns out is able to back up at least one of his tall tales with actual proof. Yes good ol’ uncle Bumi managed to be just as much of a mad genius as his predecessor by not only managing to tame one of the dark spirits, but also free Team Avatar with a daring rescue attempt. The adventures of Bumi, Naga, and Pabu were just as hilarious as you’d expect and yet Bumi is right, no one believed his stories before hand, why would they believe him now. What really managed to clinch this entire sequence was just when you though Bumi had finally achieved success how quickly everything spun out of control for him. With out Naga knocking a few skulls in Bumi would have really been up the creek with out a paddle. Bumi and his trusty flute managed to provide some great humor during the whole thing, but I really enjoyed Bumi’s attempt at old timey boxing the spirit. In a world filled with magic and spirits, nothing beats a good ol’ punch to the face.

The other strong point once again was the action which took place, specifically the raid on the spirit portal with the plane and Oogi. Asami once again proved to be a vital member of Korra’s team as no one can work a machine quite like her. The way in which the plane was able to deftly move through the sky and avoid the ice spears being thrown at it was fantastic, as well as the bending skills on display by both Mako and Bolin. I have to say, I really did not see Bolin’s plastic explosive bending coming, but it was still consistently awesome to watch them rain death from above down on Unalaq’s men. This combined with the fight in the spirit world with Unalaq vs Mako and Bolin was fun if not underwhelming. A majority of the fight was distanced shots and  poorly staged action shots. In comparison to the entire raid scene it just did not manage to live up to the potential of what had be seen before. It was definitely a bright spot to see the brothers team up as we have not had that many opportunities for Team Avatar to work together as a group. It still lead to some great action and some real quality choreography just like in “Night of a Thousand Stars”.

So now that Vaatu has been released things will probably go to all sorts of hell real soon. Overall a very strong part two.


Final Grade B+

+Bumi is a mad genius

+Raid on the portal was epic

+Dark Avatar should be an actual threat.


-Mako you’re still a douche

-Eska and Desna still backing Unalaq


Extra Thoughts

-Bolin rocking that purple coat screamed Eddie Murphy’s “Raw”. Kids go look it up your parents will think you’re cool.

-Bolin’s faces were comedic gold, especially that blood sucking leech face. He was so happy to finally be the voice of reason.

-Naga now has a quota for cracking henchmen skulls once a season, and that quota was filled by Eska and Desna tonight.

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