TEASE: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past

With all of the mirth, exclamations to Odin’s raven familiar, and coffee mugs being thrown to the ground in anticipation of Thor: The Dark World, you may be surprised to hear that trailers for both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past have snuck in under the radar. Fortunately, for all of you Marvel movie maniacs who likes a tall glass of super soldier serum with their X-genes, I got your teaser trailer breakdowns right here, right GODDAMN NOW.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

In the first trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we see Chris Evans return as Steve Rogers in a somehow even more modernized Cap suit that borrows elements from the Steve Rogers Super Soldier uniform, flippantly joking about how all of his friends are dead before jumping out of a plane in homage to the “Cap thinks parachutes are for pansies” line from The Ultimates, all within the first thirty seconds.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits us with a cinematography blitzkrieg, as I am definitely getting the vibe that they’re approaching this film with a bit more grandiose than its predecessor. If Captain America: The First Avenger was a throwback to the golden age Cap destroying giant nazi tanks, then The Winter Soldier is the cloak and dagger espionage Cap of the modern era, with Samuel M-F-ing L. Jackson playing the part of spymaster.

the falcon

No, it doesn’t actually feature Cloak and Dagger, but it does have a well cast Anthony Mackie as The Falcon, who does my favorite action movie thing– jumping off a ledge firing into the air, sub machine guns akimbo

Actually that comparison is basically the theme behind the film, the changing of the guard and the renaissance of man, represented not only by Cap, but also in his eponymous nemesis, The Winter Soldier.

"Yo Bro. Check out my knife." "BRO!!!" "I KNOW!"

“Yo Bro. Check out my knife.”

For the sake of spoilers I’m not going to speculate on his origins–although you can literally see him without his mask if you just pause the trailer and squint really hard, and if you go to IMdB they straight up tell you who he is–but I’m just going to address his “mask” for a second, as it’s one of those rebreather things that is the modern day domino mask.

Don’t get me wrong, hard as hell to look cool in a domino mask, and it has essentially the same amount of identity concealment as the black fur on your average Rocket Raccoon, but didn’t James Franco use a rebreather in Spider-man 3? And Joseph Gordon Levitt in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra? Or a main feature of at least 25% of every start-up scream-core bands? What I’m saying is, rebreathers are to express villainy in the same manner that a backwards hats, sunglasses and skateboards are to express coolness in the fourth grade.


Pause it just right and you can see that they went for the battle-mascara over dinky domino mask look.

I stress on such a little point because overall The Winter Soldier trailer impressed me. I had hoped that the first Captain American film would be more Saving Private Ryan but with Captain America, but I suppose that Heat but with Captain America will do just fine for the sequel, as there appears to be an emphasis on small arms fire, exploding cars and rooftop chases suggesting that we will get to see more of Cap fighting in an urban environment, which I always thought were the best scenes in The Avengers. Throw in rumors of Crossbones, my favorite skull-themed Cap antagonist that isn’t the Red Skull, and you got yourself a film that has burned itself into the anticipatory lobes of my brain.

Oh and Scarlet Johansson returns as Black Widow, so that’s pretty cool.


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