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REVIEW: Almost Human 1×04 “ The Bends”

That was enjoyable, in a I was able to see the turns coming but still managed to enjoy myself sort of way. If nothing else Almost Human is continuing to be enjoyable popcorn television in the way that the stories are formatted every week. However, “The Bends” managed to lack something the other episodes managed to have, innovation in plot. Yes while all of the plots to this point have been rather generic, they have always managed to have some sort of fun sci-fi twist that paid off in the end. If you had told me I would be able to call out the entire plot from the first five minutes alone, I would have called you a liar, but plot managed to be so rudimentary that it did not afford itself any room for innovation I guess. The cast manages to still be enjoyable despite many of them feeling completely extraneous, but this show needs to either lose the dead wait ore make the side cast more involved.

First off, this plot felt so by the numbers it should not have happened. I mean allegedly crooked cop needing to have his innocence proven post mortem is a very by the book idea. What made it even more frustrating was the idea that the head honcho of the drug ring was a dirty captain. I literally yelled at my screen that he would be the bad guy, and you know what it should never be that easy to figure out who the villain is. There is supposed to be an arc or journey to the discovery, but instead I was left with a grown and a muttering of “really?” Even the idea of the bends as a drug was kinda of a half hearted plot point, there should be some cool future drug or addiction like super VR, instead we had a Heisenberg knock off with none of the style. There is so much more room for the plot to explore and yet this managed to be a very safe case for our team, I just hope that next week we are given a real interesting case.

The one part of the plot that really delivered on it’s promise was the idea of Rudy going undercover. It was finally time for our tweaky tech support to stand in the spotlight and luckily it did not fail to deliver. Since the first episode Rudy has been given the largest amount of fleshing out in comparison the the other characters, and he seems to be the only one actually able ø hold their own in a scene with John and Dorian. The little bits about Rudy wanting to have style and wear a suit were nice ideas of how Rudy wants people to view him. He does not want to be the bumbling lab tech we have seen up to this point, but rather a valued member of the team. There is only one problem, he is the only member of the supporting cast I care about. I understand the captains value, but the other two cops are absolutely worthless and not in a they are inept type of way. Rudy is so fun and interesting to be around it is like the other characters refuse to play up to his level. It would be easy if this was a one time thing, but these side characters have never been interesting and I don’t know if I believe I will ever be able to care for them. At least we have Rudy, John and Dorian have found a good friend right there.

As for the main characters, John and Dorian continue to be the best aspect of the entire show as not only is their serious banter enjoyable, but the pairs comedic timing is top notch. The entire opening bit of John and Dorian at the sushi restaurant was by far some of the better comedic material we have seen to this point. The idea of the liquid tracker was another nice touch even if I felt Rudy’s farts were a bit over the top. If you had told me that the most consistent cop comedy on Fox was not the one with Andy Samberg, I would have once again been shocked, but Urban and Ealy manage to bring their A game every week. Maybe they should just be private detectives and the only good cops in the precinct.

Overall this was a solid view, but nothing overly spectacular.

Final Grade B-


+Those mains are still interesting

+Rudy got fleshed out a little.


-The side characters need to evolve quickly or get off the show

-A plot was too predictable.


Extra Thoughts

-I will give one thing to the bends as a drug, it was suitably creepy when the kid OD.

-I like Rudy’s hat and glasses, it was a very proper english gentlemen type of thing.

-I don’t think the slug needed to be CG, but it was comedy gold as Kennex is just every white guy who goes to a sushi joint.

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