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REVIEW: Almost Human 1×05 “Blood Brothers”

It is always fun when people take a fun, well run trope and manage to craft a fun and interesting story around it. That is what happened with this weeks “Blood Brothers” as you could probably figure out that cloning was going to be the big sci-fi trope this week. Yet it managed to work really well and build and interesting story that spanned the entire forty two minutes. Sure, there were some downslides as the side characters were once again reduced to being space fillers for the now four man squad of John, Dorian, Rudy, and the captain. Hell, even this weeks villain was slightly interesting and not a paint by numbers bad guy. Almost Human continues to be an interesting show to watch unfold as the way it uses these tropes are new to me at least.There were a lot of ups and only a few really downs so lets dive in and have some real sci-fi fun.

So let’s start with the plot of a murderer using his clones to kill witnesses. The idea of you can’t be in two places at once is always a very fine line in terms of a plot because we are limited in how many routes it could go. The idea of cloning and having the clones actually age at a normal pace is a nice concept as it means that the villains could not just suddenly reappear, but it does raise the question of how the clones chose to live in the fashion they did. I mean they seemingly had extensive training in firearms as well as tactical procedures, and well I do not know if this is because they were clones or because they trained themselves, it does make me ponder how they were so damn efficient. Especially to the point that they were tricked by a hologram, it feels like the “no tricks” clause should have accounted for the holograms in some fashion. Oh well, the bad guy does have to lose in this type of show.

Dorian was phenomenal as always, not only in the way he interacted with John, but also the psychic. Their connection was a nice call back to Dorian explorations of death and the other side in the second episode. What was even more interesting was the idea of Dorian being creeped out by the Amex’s as well as having a sex organ. The read by Ealy when John asked what he even does with it was the perfect mix of comic timing and dejection at the idea that his penis is completely superfluous. I sometimes wish Ealy was not given so much of the heavy lifting in the show, but everytime he manages to deliver with such poise and timing that I can’t help but smile. I really do hope that Dorian and John possibly become roommates because that could just increase the amount of humor by a lot, it be like The Odd Couple times ten.

The lingering question that I continue to have about this show is why I should care about the side characters at all. Luckily, the captain and detective Stahl managed to get fleshed out a little this week, but there was still a surprising lack of a need for them to be on screen. The large majority of Stahl material could have easily been done by Rudy and if she is only meant to be a love interest than she needs to be interesting in the least. I mean it is in the job description. On the flip side of the coin, the captain managed to get fleshed out just enough to be interesting. The entire scene where our villain psychoanalyzes her was a little textbook and a bizarre way to reveal more about the captain’s character but it was good enough to hold my interest. Hopefully these characters will be afforded some other type of focus episode as they need to be more than just backup to John and Dorian.

Overall it was a solid episode and a nice tick up in quality.


Final Grade B

+Great material for Dorian and the captain.

+This show is consistently funny

+Fun plot


-It’s a love interest, shouldn’t they be interesting

-Clones were rather easily fooled in the end.


Extra Thoughts.

-So why does Dorian not just flip and explode villain vans all the time? Is there a rule against that?

-Seriously the humor on this show is much better than many of the “comedies” on tv today.

-Until you prove to be really interesting I will not write your name down douche cop, because you are useless.

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