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REVIEW: Almost Human 1×08, “You Are Here”

That was better, sure it was not the fantastic super epic “mystery sniper” episode I was hoping for but for all intents and purposes “You Are Here” did it’s job. We got to see Kennex actual talk about his missing girlfriend, Dorian once again proved to be an adequate terminator, and the supporting cast was enjoyable for once. Sure the magic bullet scenario kind of fixed out after the failed assassination but that was expected to happen on some level due to the necessity to put the heroes and villains in the same room. What really impressed me about the episode was that the writing was very solid on all fronts, whether it be Dorian and Kennex talking, or Kennex’s interactions with the other detectives. None of the dialog felt forced or manipulative, it all managed to play to a natural affect that benefitted this story. So let’s dive in.

So let’s start with the good, it was an actual sci-fi plot that was of interest this week, with the whole tracking bullet really managing to create a fun sense of danger for our heroes. Unlike with last weeks mad bomber plot, this one managed to create a fun sense of suspense up until the failed second shot. I honestly did not know when the bullet would strike down our first victim and the second attempt was a fun bit of visual. Some of the suspense was reduced by showing how the bullet tracked the target, but it also made for plenty of cool visuals by showing all of ht cameras link up to triangulate the attempted victim. It also created the fun joke of Dorian talking in Korean for a little bit which was much more funny than I expected it to be. The only depressing part about the plot was when the arms dealers came out to attempt to hunt down the second victim. They were surprisingly underdeveloped given the method and tools they were afforded, by the end I found myself wishing for some bigger bad that was controlling the arms manufacturers.

As with all good plots there were many exceptional character moments for both of our heroes, but for once in the series Kennex finally got as many moments to shine as Dorian. One of the major problems I have had with this series is that Karl Urban has been surprisingly under utilized given his charisma and talents, but this week we finally got to see some real sides to the character. The anger management meeting was a very enjoyable opening and I enjoyed Kennex’s happy go lucky facade, especially when he finally snapped and blew the AMEX’s head off. It’s has not been often that we get to see multiple sides of Kennex, as usually we get the dark brooding persona that needs Dorian to make the world feel more lived in. This Kennex however played up all the right moments, the humor on the worthless detective, the silent rage at the syndicate boss, and his last little interaction with Val and Kiera. Each of these scenes provided Urban with a real opportunity to act which should happen much more often if he is indeed the star of the show.

It was really to my surprise that some of the side characters managed to get some actual development and screen time. The captain’s conversation with the syndicate member was revealing as it just shows how far she is willing to go in order to actually make some headway in Kennex’s case. Even more so was the completely out of left field reveals about Val who apparently comes from money and is genetically engineered. Those are usually eased into rather than just sprung on us out of the blue, although it does make me wonder just how genetically engineered she is. Are we talking super powered engineer or just made to be really attractive and smart engineered. These are the important types of questions I would preferred to have answered early in the season rather than later. Although it does provide some real hope for a game changing reveal in the next few episodes. Here’s to those because they don’t have much time left to answer questions this season.

Overall a real marked improvement over last week.


Final Grade B

+Urban gets some good material

+Fun A plot

+Oh look the syndicate is back


-Why are the side characters only now getting fleshed out?

-Weak vilains


Extra Thoughts

-Buzz McNabb: gun runner

-What is douche detective’s fascination with ass stuff?

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