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REVIEW: Arrow 2×11 “Blind Spot”

Just give me a few more seconds, because I don’t care how quick that was: Deathstroke is finally truly here, folks. Yes, “Blind Spot” was every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be, from Laurel finally facing repercussions for her actions to some quality action, to that ending, an ending that may be just as good as any of the mid-season finales in terms of ratcheting up the stakes. Sure, Laurel’s suspension was a long time coming; yes, Blood will inevitably slip up again; and Roy’s anger has always been a major problem. But now things have been elevated and they know that there serious consequences for all their action. Oh, and did we mention that the island plot finally saw Sara do something other than betray Ollie. This was a fantastic episode and now I am really excited to see whats coming. So let’s dive in.

So who had money on present day Slade needing to send a real message to Sebastian? Yes, we all got our wish as Slade, who was surprisingly absent from the island flashbacks this week, made his presence felt in the present. In both his conversation with Blood and the subsequent “conversation”, Manu Bennett made his presence clearly felt, not only showing that he is a man on a mission, but also the margin for error is a machetes’ width. I know you are supposed to be afraid of Slade either way, but the way he analyzed Blood murdering his father was absolutely terrifying. We have still yet to see master planner Slade in present day but I am positive by they way Bennett presents him I will poop my pants in fear. The only thing that worried me about the bad guys tonight is that Blood seems to be burning through his pawns at an accelerated pace. Sooner or later, they are going to realize that the risk far outweighs the reward when it comes to working for Blood.

Speaking of teams, Team Roy got a great spotlight this week as Roy finally told somebody about his powers. Sure it was Sin, but the results of said secret telling were great as we once again got to see Roy make a big mistake. He finally learned that he needs to control his rage and impulsive nature, sure he had to put a serial killer in the hospital to do it, the point is Roy is finally where he needs to be to train under Ollie. He previously wanted it due to hero worship, but now that he finally has an end goal from this training Roy will be taking some real strides towards being Red Arrow/Arsenal. Colton Haynes was awesome tonight with both sides of his performance, he captured how on edge Roy must have felt and the pain he was feeling about possibly hurting those he cared about.

Now to the major part of the episode, Laurel finally getting to do something substantive to the overall plot. In case you have forgotten Laurel was supposed to be a major player on the show but has been getting less and less screen time because her character has how do you say it, oh yeah sucked. Seriously, “Blind Spot” managed to remind me why I liked her as a character at all, as she finally did some real leg work in her attempt to out Blood. I was also happy to see that her drug addiction was finally brought to the forefront and everyone in Laurel’s life was forced to confront it. Hopefully all of the tearing down will lead to a much better Laurel as up until this point she as been anything but interesting.


As I said, overall this was a fantastic episode that built upon everything great from the mid-season premier.


Final Grade A-

+Slade terrifying in and out of costume

+Roy finally ready to be trained

+Laurel finally facing repercussions

+Sara finally standing up to Ivo

+Great action


Extra Thoughts

-Roy left that dude alive, isn’t he going to be able to tell everyone Roy attacked him?

-Ten seconds, it took ten seconds for Slade to kill 3 guys.

-Seriously what lackeys does Blood have left?

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