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REVIEW: Arrow 2×12 “Tremors”

So, new first rule when watching Arrow, you wait until the last three minutes to make sure every big reveal goes down. To recap Moria is now running for mayor, Roy is officially on the team, Sarah is back in town, and Waller showed up to invite Bronze Tiger to join a “squad”. Apparently DC just said screw it and now Arrow seemingly has carte blanche to use whatever they want from the DC universe, and you know what, I am completely fine with that. Arrow has done so well with incorporating elements of the DC universe so far that I am willing to let it ride until they flame out. “Tremors” seemingly showed that there will no longer be slow episodes of Arrow, and I am so excited to see what plays out. I have not even talked about Roy or Moria yet, that is how excited I am for Suicide Squad antics everyone. So lets dive in.

Lets start with the star of this weeks episode, Roy. Yes, the angriest Abercrombie model known to man has finally learned the one secret he has always wanted to know. Who is the vigilante? Now what Roy chooses to do with information is completely up to him, but Ollie has seemingly welcomed him into Team Arrow without any real vetting. Roy choice to learn to control his powers is not out of left field as his love for Thea has always been a really powerful motivator, but from all of the parallels shown between Slade on the island and Roy in present day nothing seems to have really changed in Oliver’s methods. We saw Ollie persuade Slade to calm down by using Slade’s love for his son as a motivating factor, and then in the present we saw him do the same to Roy. After everything Ollie said this week about not wanting Roy to end up like Slade you would think he would not use a similar method. Colton Haynes did a great job showing multiple sides of Roy this week, but I still believe that he is a few lies away from becoming Slade’s sidekick rather than Ollie’s.

As to the more startling element Walter resurfaced once again and managed to help persuade Moria to run against Blood. This season has suffered from the lack of Colin Salmon, who was one of the better aspects of season one as he was actually smart enough to figure things out. So when Walter asked Moria to run for Mayor I would not say I was shocked as more confused. Yes, Walter had done his research and apparently 43% of Starling is ok with the idea of Moria being mayor, but his motivation for making her run is so slimy that I just can’t get behind it. He is not doing it for the good of the city or because he believes she is the right candidate, but rather because the banking people don’t like Blood’s policies. I never believed Walter to be so single minded and always thought him to be a good person, but this reeks of being self serving and bad. I do however like the idea of Moria being more involved  in the plot and hope that this will lead to some fun screen time. Also, this kind of puts a Deathstroke sized target on Moria’s back, Ollie will obviously have to be very cautious.

As for the weakest part of this weeks episode Laurel has once again decided to go into being a complete and utter bitch. Seriously, I am getting whiplash from how often the direction of her character changes, although I am glad that she is receiving some actual character development finally. It’s just the way she acted to her father and at the club after she found out she was going to be disbarred reeked of immaturity. I do understand that there is a certain amount of willingness and wanting to go to AA that is involved, but when literally everyone you know is saying to get help you should listen and not act lil you are better than all of them. After last week I thought Laurel had finally hit rock bottom, but now the more likable of the Lance sisters is here to set her straight. That’s saying something considering Sarah is a double crossing former slave girl and member of the League of Assassins.

Now for my favorite reveal of the week, Bronze Tiger being inducted into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. For those who don’t know the squad basically has one rule succeed at your mission or be killed for failure, like the A-Team only with higher stakes and a giant talking Hawaiian shark. Michael Jai White did a much better job of portraying Tiger this week, most likely because he was given a lot more to do, but the idea of him being the first, possibly second inductee into the squad makes me very excited. Arrow has had a well known tendency to burn villains and never use them again, the squad however will give them a real chance to bring back all those great one offs and possibly have Ollie team up with former enemies. I do fear Arrow may have thrown the entire kitchen sink in this season but very week seems to up the ante, I can’t wait to see whats next.

Overall a fantastic episode.


Final Grade A-


+Roy finally a member of Team Arrow

+Moria running for mayor

+Suicide Squad is incoming


-Laurel: what a bitch

-Arrow might as well rename itself DC Universe

-Walter being really slimy


Extra Thoughts

-So the arms dealer was trying to wreck Markovia. I am pretty sure Terra would kind of be pissed if you attacked her home.

-So Slade’s finger tick thing is in response to him thinking about his kid. Good to know there is the minutest amount of control in him still.

-How did the rocket launcher survive? I am fairly confident that one of the missiles hit the damn thing in the finale last year.

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