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REVIEW: Almost Human 1×11 “Disrupt”

It’s almost over. That is what I keep telling my self and not in the bad this show sucks and I want it over already way. Rather the first season of Almost Human is almost over and we still are stuck in the case of the week format that drives all low level procedurals. I am amazed that for such a High concept show there has been such a low concept on how to manage the week to week. I mean this show was never going to appeal to the most common denominator of viewer, but it feels like they are trying so hard to make that the case and it is really sad. Take “Disrupt” for example, it is a very solid case of the week scenario and on a lesser show it would just slide under the radar, but on Almost Human it feels like it is just not aiming for it’s potential. So let’s dive in because this was interesting.

I will give “Disrupt” this, it definitely choose two interesting aspects of pop- political culture to focus. With shades of Aaron Swartz and Trayvon Martin, Almost Human hit a very critical spot in how some people view internet culture and behavior. It chose to go the broad route of these aren’t bad kids, but the retribution is even worse which I feel misses the point of how big these issues were to our culture and the internet generation as a whole. They could have been daring and took a stand on the issues they were speaking about but instead it was a nose to the grindstone type of episode. All that mattered was the murder, there was no bigger picture, no grand scheme, it was just about the case. Granted the hacker using “poetic justice” to get their revenge was a nice touch but I do not feel they dug their heels into her enough. Dorian’s brief conversation was truly one of the stronger parts of the entire episode and it only made me wish she had more screen time.

Similarly the entire Dorian having memories plot line felt really accelerated out of nowhere. I mean sure it is interesting that someone had been implanting memories into him but at this point  it all feels so scatter shot and like there is no one plot line that the writers want to follow through on. All of these short plots, Vaughn, the memories, the syndicate, none of them have been drawn out or delved into on a satisfying level. In comparison to Arrow, where we have episode that further the side plots each week, Almost Human feels afraid to take risks and lay the groundwork for these stories to be interesting. They have had the time and the benefit of wring in mid-season where they did not have to worry about how the audience would react to the plot lines. It feels as if the writers did not write the story they wanted to write but rather the one the network told them too. It just felt weak in my opinion and I really hope these last two episodes surprise me.

As for the hacking stuff I have to say it’s like someone rented Johnny Mnemonic and decided that would be a cool idea for hacker culture. The cyber rave and the hack off were lackluster in that they did not show, but rather allude to a bigger world that we never get to see. I would prefer we had actually got to see Kennex at the rave as that would have been enjoyable on multiple levels. Next time hopefully the dig into the party.


Overall a blandish episode.


Final Grade C

+Interesting plot line

+Dorian stuff fun

+Final action scene


-Plot line could have taken a stand

-Need to choose a subplot and explore it

-A lot of alluding to and no showing.


Extra Thoughts

-Really that is what you call “under cover.” At least one of the hackers pointed out they still looked like cops

-I like the fact Rudy woke up Dorian to just hang out, I wish they had told us sooner.

-Hologram fight was a neat trick. I wanted it to last longer though.

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