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REVIEW: Arrow 2×13 “Heir to the Demon”

Ok, that was cool, not nearly as awesome as I wanted it to be but still pretty freaking cool to watch. Yes, “Heir to the Demon” was another solid entry in Arrow’s string of quality episodes, I mean it had a lot: Ollie finding out about Thea,  Nyssa releasing Sara from the League, Sara coming home. I have to say I do however feel a slight bit empty though and dare I say whelmed by everything this week. It’s not that it was bad or that parts of the episode did not work, rather this episode seemed to be more cathartic rather than the typical Arrow episode which ends in a significant escalation of things. I mean Sara and Ollie together perfectly fine but from the scenes leading up to the final beat I expected something bigger, especially the way Slade said he would “handle things.” So let’s dive in because there was a lot of good stuff.

So let’s start with the best part of tonight’s episode, Nyssa, played by the fantastic Katrina Law, pronouncing Ra’s Al Ghul correctly. Oh, and she was also a wicked bad ass who not only decimated the TSA but was also a multidimensional villain rather than the “villains of the week” we usually get. Let’s be honest if your name is not Slade, Blood, Vertigo, or Merlyn you have been saddled with being a one dimensional nobody in the Arrow universe. Nyssa however breaks that mold and manages to not only be a physical but also an emotional threat as well. The sheer lengths she went to in order to get Sara to return to her were fascinating, but it does make me wonder why she was not already hunting down Sara. I mean she clearly loves her and is willing to do anything to get her back, including killing the entire Lance clan so that she is the only one left for Sara to love. In the end it was actually nice of her to release Sara from the League, although I don’t know how happy Ra’s and Talia will be about the fact Nyssa let emotions cloud her judgement. Safe to say this is probably not the last we will see of the League.

Speaking of Sara it seems as if she will be entering the fold in a much greater capacity moving forward, and that is about the cleanest way I can say she and Ollie did it in the Quiver. With Roy last week and Sara this week it seems as if the team is growing at an exponential pace and it will only be a matter of time until someone screws up and leads a bad guy down there. It was once again a strong performance from Caity Lotz who managed to capture all of the different sides of her character. Her scenes with Nyssa and the entire Lance clan were real standouts as she was constantly afraid of when the other shoe would drop. Paul Blackthorne continues to excel as Det. Lance and it was extremely touching that he did not care his daughter was bi-sexual and that all he wanted was someone to care for his daughter. Sure, that caring individual was a murderous psychopath, but it’s the thought that counts right. In fact the only member of the Lance family who did not manage to be enjoyable this week was Laurel once again. I honestly did not know it was even possible to root for the poison to win until Laurel was poisoned, but god she was a major bitch.

On the side of family dynamics the Queen’s have gotten quite the shake up with Oliver now knowing that Thea is Malcolm’s daughter. First off, well done Felicity, you manage to threaten everyone of power on the show at this point except for Slade, although if that happens I am pretty sure you will be getting a bullet to the head. Ollie’s reaction was slightly over the top as his mother once again lied to his face, but I did not get whether he was disowning Thea or if he was just disowning his mother. I feel that exchange could have been a little clearer as Thea has done nothing to offend him so he should have no reason to not consider Thea his sister. I hope Ollie and Thea’s future interactions will not be weird as they deserve to be happy siblings.

The last thing I want to talk about was how amazing the action scenes were this week, and maybe it was because this episode dealt with the League, but all of the hand to had stuff was superb. I mean the final fight between Nyssa and Ollie was a little underwhelming as Ollie somehow managed to beat Ra’s daughter. I mean come on it should have been a draw or Sara should have distracted Nyssa at the last second there is no way Ollie should have won that fight outright in my opinion. Law did an excellent job of using all that Spartacus training to her advantage as she went blow for blow with Ollie. Girl has skills and I can’t wait to see her pop up again soon, hopefully being accompanied by Ra’s. Another stand out was the chase scene where we got to see the Canary Cry unleashed once again. High speed action is hard to master but the stunt choreographers somehow manage to nail it every time.

Suffice to say it was another great week of Arrow.


Final Grade B+

+Nyssa finally proving the League is not to be screwed with.

+Great material for most of the Lance family

+Felicity and Ollie standing up to Moria

+Superb action


-Laurel should have let the poison kill her

-Missing that big Arrow ending

-Roy weirdly absent


Extra Thoughts

-Seriously Ollie you just heard Nyssa, Ra’s own daughter pronounce his name. How hard is it to pronounce it correctly?

-When did Walter become kind of evil? Is he not seeming super villainy to anyone else?

-Slade “dealing with it” is never good or do you need those four dead guys to tell you how this will end fro Moira and Ollie.

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