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REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1×14 “T.A.H.I.T.I”

Ok, what the hell was in that tube. I mean yes to answer one question you have to ask a few more, but I am fairly certain that whoever that Dr Manhattan wannabe was cannot be good news for the team. Yes, this weeks AOS turned out to be a thrilling return with all of the solid pacing and plot development you would expect from a very good show. Sure, they magic mystery drug was an easy out for our heroes, but what did you expect this is comic books after all. What “TAHITI” managed to do well was highlight the strengths of the main characters and introduce some fun side characters that add something to the plot. with everything that happened this week it is safe to assume that everything will be ratcheting up and not remaining at the even kneeled pace we have come to accept as normal. So let’s dive in.

Why can’t Coulson just have returned a normal bizarre comic book way. I mean I could accept the cellular regeneration, the memory rewriting, hell the just plain vagueness of everything was kind of fun. But the big blue alien/frost giant thing was really a left field pull unless I am missing some seriously obscure marvel lore. I mean when they arrived at the bunker I assumed it would have something to do with Bucky Barnes becoming the Winter Soldier, turns out this series may become more Guardians of the Galaxy than Avengers if the Wheedon clan have anything to say about it. What helped to make this story work was the introduction of John Garrett, played by Bill Paxton. Garrett added a much needed bad cop level to the team which helped to bridge some of the gaps of how the team works together. Part Coulson and part Ward he managed to be both intriguing and terrifying in the few scenes he had.

A factor that helped to elevate this episode above the normal slog was that it was basically one continuous action beat with a new ticking clock being tacked on before each commercial break. There was no room to breath or collect yourself as from the moment Garrett got on the plane everything was ratcheted up in terms of tension. The boys went after the serum which was a nice change of pace to see Fitz in the field once again and actually playing off the team. Although, it was slightly disappointing to see all of the girls left behind to tend to Skye, who even while comatose demanded more attention than the other cast members. I would have preferred it had been an entire team affair, but I suppose I can live with each team member getting a minor bit of payoff.

The one major gripe I had while watching was that the episodes greatest strength, the pacing, was also it’s greatest weakness. With little to no room to breath it was hard to ascertain what exactly was going on and more importantly why we should care. Yes this was all to help Skye get better but if we don’t pause every once in a while we will never be able to grasp the severity of the situation. This is especially true whenever they added a new countdown clock to the mix as it simply exasperated the situation in an attempt to remind us how serious the situation truly is. It would have been nice if the quieter moments were used more effectively instead of just being used to remind us Skye is still in a coma.

Overall it was a satisfying episode if not a little disjointed.


Final Grade B-


+All the characters got a solid moment

+What the hell is T.A.H.I.T.I?

+Garrett being an angry old man

-Pacing a little disjointing

-We get it Skye was comatose

-Seriously, What the hell is T.A.H.I.T.I?


Extra Thoughts

-May kicking the crap out of Quinn was just as satisfying as I wanted it to be

-With everything the Clairvoyant has been able to do I would be surprised if he can’t get the blue alien back

-Hey Sif’s on next week does that mean we can borrow other side characters like Justin Hammer and old Dum Dum Dugan. I would like that.

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