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REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1×15 “Yes Men”

Oh, so thats what happens when you use a pre established character in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, it turns into a good episode. Yes, “Yes Men” was without a doubt our first major crossover with the MCU and managed to do a lot better job than this season’s earlier episode “The Well” in capitalizing on the crossover. Lady Sif, played by Jamie Alexander, managed to be a welcome arrival to the show and improved the quality of the interactions whether it be with Coulson, May, or this weeks other guest Lorelei. This episode like a quality return to form for the Team Whedon  and hopefully that means that the writers are finally being given leeway in how they are developing the show. We also managed to get some very strong character bits from the other members of the team. So let’s dive in.

First can I say how nice it is to have an actual Whedon-esque episode where the main focus of our story is a competent female character. For some weird reason all of our main female characters have struggled to stand out and rise above the normal constraints of their stories, but with Sif it feels like the writers were given the perfect present. Sif is the perfect mixture of a strong independent woman and still being emotional vulnerable. The combination that I believe the writers are aiming for with Skye, but have been surprisingly unable to nail to this point. Sure Willow and Kaylee were not fully fleshed out when they were first introduced, but it feels like Skye is taking longer to find her footing.  Sif, thanks to Jamie Alexander’s portrayal, manages to bring some real life and gravitas to this entire world which up this this point has felt surprisingly lifeless and Un-Marvel like. Ditto to the character of Lorelei who really challenged the team to fight in a different way.

As for the actual main characters of the show we were surprisingly lacking in face time and action for our supposed heroine Skye and Simmons. Yes, Coulson and the guys managed to get most of the play this week despite them being at a serious disadvantage due to Lorelei’s powers, but somehow they managed to win out. I feel like the writers should have reversed the roles and given Simmons and Skye some real character growth, instead Coulson and May once again needed to bail out the team. At this point Skye and Simmons should be able to hold their own just as much as Fitz and Ward, or at least as much as Fitz. Coulson and May can’t keep saving the team, at some point the rest of the team are going to need actually prove themselves as capable field agents.

Speaking of Coulson, I can’t not mention how happy I was to see him actually be pissed at S.H.I.E.L.D and by extension Fury. Up to this point he has raised some suspicions but never been out right pissed and his employer. Although it is not likely I hope Coulson does manage to get his face to face with Fury as he has the right to know Fury’s motivation for bringing him back from the dead. I don’t know how well the team up with Skye is going to go though as secrets rarely if ever pay off in this universe. Though maybe Coulson is right not to trust his team as May has seemingly been spying on him the entire time. Decisions, decisions.

Overall a very satisfying episode


Final Grade B+


+Sif and Lorelei being badass

+Coulson not taking anymore shit

+Fitz becoming a more prominent member of the team

-Skye and Simmons did absolutely nothing

-Coulson and May saving the day once again

-May’s spying on Coulson not as surprising a reveal


Extra Thoughts

-So everyone thinks the blue dude in the tube was a Kree. Just a random Kree no reason to think Ronan will have some accusing to do.

-Really how did Simmons and Skye not see Ward walk onto the plane. How big is this plane?

-“Tahiti Sucked” perfect delivery on this line by Clark Gregg.

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