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6 Things We’re Looking Forward to in The Incredibles Sequel

With fans caught between the climactic battle of The Avengers still ringing in their ears and beginning to hyperventilate for the sequel, Age of Ultron, America’s other family of super-heroes, The Incredibles, is also making a comeback to the big screen.

The recent boom in superhero films, from the assorted Avengers outings, the recent Batman trilogy, and the Superman/Spider-Man revivals, surely played a role in the decision to bring the Parr family back.

And however this project turns out we can at least treat this future Pixar outing as perhaps an antidote to the various grim-faced, crash-bang-wallop, gazillion-bucks live-action special effects feasts of recent times.

So what exactly can we look forward to in this sequel?

6. Brad Bird will be returning as writer


When Disney made the announcement that a sequel to The Incredibles was in the works, the only person confirmed to be working on the project was the original film’s writer/director, Brad Bird. Perhaps this as a very, very conscious decision on Pixar’s part to alleviate the feeling’s of hardcore Disney-nuts. Ten years is a hell of a long time to wait for a sequel, and you’d like to be assured that you’ve got as much of the original team on the project as possible, especially if you’re dealing with this sort of time-frame.

And since Bird is on board, that can only mean he’s be contributing something else to the film, but I’m saving that particular nugget for the #1 spot…

5. Samuel L. Jackson is game for reprising Frozone


I wonder how many groans we can build up in the comments section when I tell you that Frozone was the film’s, coolest (wa-hey!), character? Maybe that’s still stretching it a bit (didn’t see that one coming, did you?). We barely saw enough of Frozone in the first film to really emotionally connect with him like we did with the Parrs.
As Jackson himself said in a recent interview: “Every time I run into Brad [Bird], he always tells me Frozone is part of what’s going on, so I have to believe that”.

Seeing as how Jackson is at least game for taking up that surf-board again, we can only hope that Bird will put take that, plus Jackson’s new-found stature in the superhero industry, into account.

4. Pixar’s stature


Surely helped by The Incredibles’ Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Pixar, as a production company, has gone from a reliable source of high-quality animated feature films to a temple of near-total worship among academics, critics, film-makers, and fans alike.

In particular, the one-two-three knockout punches of WALL-E, Up and Toy Story 3 have secured Pixar’s permanent residence in film history. It would, however, be too easy to assume that this sequel will be brilliant just from pure expectation. But given how well-received the original was, and how high Pixar’s productions are generally thought of, you can’t help but be excited as you put those two thoughts of logic together.

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