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REVIEW: Arrow 2×18 “Deathstroke”

Oh, so Slade just really likes to mess up peoples day doesn’t he. Yes, many people know Deathstroke through his Teen Titans incarnation, but this weeks Arrow allowed us to get a better idea of who our Deathstroke is. He is not motivated by power or greed, his sole purpose is to completely ruin Ollie’s life and he is really on pace with that now. “Deathstroke” showed us just how powerful Slade truly is as he did not even need to put on the suit to show just how much stronger and more cunning he is than Oliver. You would think with all the time on the island Oliver would have had counter measures prepared for this type of shit. Oh well, the moral of the story is be honest with people because now Ollie has clearly lost almost everything he cares about to his arch-enemy. So lets dive in because this was a good one.

Can I just start off by once again stating how great Manu Bennett is as Slade, I mean goddamn if he did not just utterly make Ollie look like an idiot at every step this week. There was a nice amount of swagger mixed in with the undeniable rage Slade demonstrated this week. Whether it be tormenting Ollie or simply putting Sebastian in his place, Slade handled each piece on the board in the exact right way. The only problem I have with Slade as a villain is that he is apparently taking advice from a hallucination of Shado and while I understand that this is a fractured part of his psyche that is hellbent on destroying Ollie, It does detect from Slade’s decisions. I want know which tactics are actual Slade and which ones are motivated by the hallucination on his shoulder. Even so, Manu excelled in all of his scenes tonight and never at any point did I not feel Slade was in control of the situation.

On the other hand, Ollie just kept falling deeper and deeper down that rabbit hole as Slade manipulated him right where he wanted him. I mean by the end of this episode Ollie had lost the trust of two Lances, Roy, Thea, and possibly his team. I mean damn and we did not even get to the fact that Slade now owns Ollie’s company by proxy. That is a lot of to loose in the span of like forty eight hours and Ollie was not taking it in stride. I mean at least Laurel had a few episodes to reach rock bottom now it seems Ollie has no choice but to fight back. It will be interesting to see how Ollie’s family reacts to him, especially Thea now that she knows the truth about her parentage. I mean how is Thea going to trust anything that comes out of Ollie’s mouth.

Of course there were two rather large reveals in this episode one we kind of knew and the other which just put more salt on the would for Ollie. We will start with the easy one Rochev came back and she revealed herself to be working with Slade for reasons we don’t quite know why yet, but man can she kick some ass. It was awesome to see flashes of River in Summer Glau’s performance and even more gratifying to see her be revealed as Slade’s second in command. I am beginning to see the cracks in Slade’s plan if Blood is on a need to know basis while Rochev knows the entire story. Eventually Sebastian is going to need to know everything or be killed for being a pain in the ass. The big reveal this week was our cliffhanger as Slade, who is now a wanted man, showed up at Laurel’s apartment only to inform her that Ollie is the Arrow and then walk away. I assume this will have major ramifications and lead to Laurel figuring out that Sarah is Canary, but for a starting point you have to think Laurel is going to do her due diligence on the information before confronting Ollie.

As for the Island bits this week there were comparatively weak in comparison the main plot. The main gain from this week’s plot was the fact that Alexei is now afraid of Sara and what she is capable of in order to survive. I mean they basically signed Henrich’s death warrant by handing him over to Slade, but the human bomb trick was just a little bit cruel. We are begin gin to see the seeds of how Sara became the Sara we know and love.


Overall a fantastic episode.

Final Grade A-

+Slade in complete control

+Ollie falling hard

+Rochev reveal was done nicely

+Roy calling Ollie on his shit


-Ghost Shado is kind of a bitch

-A lot happened very quickly


Extra Thoughts

-So Roy just up and left Starling. My money is he is going to Central City, my hope is he is going to Bludhaven to meet another vigilante.

-You can just chuck a Katanna, jesus that was cool.

-So Slade just swam off the island and kept regenerating. It does beg the question how is his eye the only thing that won’t regenerate.

-Laurel do you not have a freaking peep hole, considering the amount of times someone has broke into your house you would think you’d have better security.

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