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The Flash Makes a Flashy Entrance in This Sneak Peek

By now a lot of you know just how much of a Flash fan I am, hell I have an actual page framed on my wall. So with the news of the Flash tv show you can understand I was cautiously optimistic, now we have a reason to be super excited. A brief sneak peek of The Flash premiered during last night’s season finale of Arrow, and although it does not give us a lot it does give us a look at both how super speed will be rendered and what Barry’s costume looks like in action. It seems as if the CW will be pairing The Flash with Arrow on Wednesdays although that may change by the time they have their upfront Thursday morning. Regardless Barry feels and sounds like a mixture of himself and Wally and I am definitely looking forward to seeing how Grant Gustin evolves his portrayal of the Barry. So what did you all think of the sneak peak? Sound off in the comments.


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