RERUN REVIEW: Smallville 8×22 “Doomsday”

Dropping in near the end of this series’ run, I will be looking at the Smallville Season 8 finale “Doomsday”. There is a lot going on in this episode: we have legionnaires Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Impulse showing up; we see Clark taking on the responsibility of his destiny; and even when warned he was going to die, Clark still decides to face the beast that is Doomsday.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Davis are hiding out in Edge City. The story of Persephone and Hades oddly mirrors that of Chloe and Davis. Davis cites that Persephone chose to stay underground, but the difference is that Chloe is there for the good of the world. He is trying to justify the reason that Chloe is around. He loves her so much that he thinks that she can permanently drive away the monster inside him.

The Justice League come in and they together end up tackling the threat of Doomsday. But in the aftermath Jimmy dies, killed by the human, separated side of Doomsday/Davis. This separation happens when Davis is overwhelmed by the truth, that Chloe hasn’t been with him because she love him but for the world’s sake. As the only saving grace he feels he has is Chloe, without her affection Davis flies into a rage and murders Jimmy.

You see, right here is where I start having problems with the writers. Guys, I love you, but come on! Offing Jimmy like that… It seems just too convenient, I know they had to get rid of both characters because the contracts were up or whatever. But it just feels shoe horned in at the end. Maybe if they had done it in an episode a little earlier, Chloe’s decision to stay with Davis would have more struggle to it. If Doomsday had killed Jimmy and the fight between Clark and Doomsday had started an episode earlier this one would feel better paced.

If you’re playing along at home, here’s what happens in the episode arc-wise:
• The Orb (from episode 7×20, “Arctic”) explodes and releases Zod
• The Justice League turn on the Clark
• Jimmy finds out Clarks secret
• Davis Dies
• Doomsday gets buried
• Jimmy Dies
• Jimmy’s funeral
• Foreshadowing Jimmy’s brother working at the Daily Planet
• Clark leaves

That’s a lot to happen in one episode. They already set up a rift between Clark and Oliver, if the League had already found out about Oliver killing Lex Luthor and agreed that it was necessary then the turning of the other members of the League against Clark and keeping him out of the way would have been more believable.

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It feels like the whole season has been leading up to this fight and they rush through it in what feels like five minutes. Also Clark runs away? Lois is missing, Jimmy is dead, watch tower is being set up for the next season. A beautiful set/location and it could have been used as a season opener- to revive the League’s work, show that they have not been set back by the death of a friend. Oliver could have thrown himself into his hero work, losing himself into it; Chloe could shut down and act emotionless, shutting herself off to everything outside in season 9.

In this humble reviewer’s opinion, this episode wasn’t up to the standard that you usually expect from the team. To have a team like Flash, Black Canary and Green Arrow and not use them in a team effort to take Doomsday down feels like a waste. You could have them come together and work as a team each using his/her strength to benefit the team effort. Use explosive arrows, siren screech, super speed these things together would have made a better and more interesting fight. But alas, it was not to be.

Luckily, Season 9 really stepped it up, with the introduction of Zod and the Kandorians so I can forgive a little less than I expected here. Don’t hang up the capes and boots writers- I love ya.

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