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REVIEW: Legend of Korra 3×08 “The Terror Within”

See, even in a season of great episodes their can be an episode that simply rises above the normal constraints of the story. That ladies and gentlemen was tonight’s “The Terror Within,” action up top and mystery through out. It was fitting for Korra’s last episode before going all digital, more on that later, to epitomize what makes the series so much fun. They literally threw what would have been the latter half of most episodes with that amazing opening action scene involving the newly christened group, the Red Lotus, and still managed to milk the mystery and “who is the traitor” aspect more than long enough. Each bit of the story was woven together so well that I couldn’t help but be hungry for another new episode. Although the reveal of the traitor was somewhat predictable it will be interesting to see just how deep this conspiracy goes. So let’s dive in.

First off, holy shit was that a cool fight scene between the Red Lotus and Team Korra. I mean this was our first real showcase of what Zaheer’s team can do and if it showed us anything, it is how amazingly powerful they all are as a team. Each team member got their moment in the sun, from Ghazan making a real life game of the floor is lava to P’Li bending her combustion shots like curveballs. Each member of the Red Lotus lived up to the expectations set by Zuko and clearly exceeded them. This was not even the team prepared to go all out and fight to the death so I can’t wait to see just how deadly these guys end up being. But the bad guys did not get to have all the fun as Mako and Bolin went back to the basics of season one and teamed up to fight off/distract the Red Lotus. It has been very rare that we actually get to see the brothers fight as a team with the Dai Li prison break only being a quick reminder of what they can do. This teamwork exemplified just how capable they are and hopefully lead to some more fantastic payoffs.

The other big part of the episode was the search for the traitor and the subsequent reveal of Aiwei as a member of the Red Lotus. We knew that somehow Zaheer would breach the city, but the idea that Su’s top aide was assisting them raises many different questions about just how trustworthy Su actually is. For one Aiwei showed some hesitance at interrogating Su and he was the only member of the Metal Clan who could be a lie detector. I felt that if Su and Lin really wanted to investigate the entire city there should have at least been two different lie detectors, as it felt to simple for Aiwei to just lie and give himself plausible deniability. The only thing I did not see coming was the fact Aiwei had a bomb ready to explode at a moments notice. We already knew that the Red Lotus were not to be screwed with, but if every member of their squad is out to kill than Korra and her friends have a lot more problems on their hands. It will be interesting to see if Su is revealed to be a member of the Red Lotus at the end of the season as she would be a powerful adversary and if defeated would create and interesting power vacuum in the Earth Kingdom that will need to be filled.

As for the investigation itself, Mako proved himself to once again be the most capable member of Team Korra when put in the position. Mako’s detective work has piped up twice this season and it is nice to see the writers did not just abandon that skill set once Mako left Republic City. Mako raised many valid concerns about the guard who was framed but it was very confusing as to why he did not got to Lin with his theory. Mako had all the pieces in place, he just needed more backup than team Korra and Aiwei would not have escaped so easily. Mako’s revelation though may have been one of the funniest bits of the entire season as Varrick explained this was the exact same thing that he did to Mako last season. Say what you will about Varrick being a sleazy, manipulative, backstabber, the man is indeed smarter than most people in the room without a doubt.

Now Team Korra has left Zaofu against the better wishes of Lin and I have a feeling things are not going to end well for our favorite heroine. Hopefully in round two Korra will actually be able to put up a fight against Zaheer.


Final Grade A-

+Red Lotus attack

+Mako being a detective

+Mystery/Traitor reveal


-Mystery had some holes


Extra Thoughts

-I can’t stress this enough the conversation between Varrick and Mako about framing a guy is was funny as hell.

-P’Li and Ghazan are so OP it’s not even fun. Seriously, curving combustions.

-Now the question rises about just how long the Red Lotus have been around. As long as the White Lotus or are they a more recent development.


Now onto the bizarre news that came out of San Diego Comic Con today. As of today Korra will be going all digital with episodes being aired online through various outlets. New episodes will be going up once a week on Fridays, but the exact time the episodes will go live is unknown. Either way we will still be covering the show and hope that the episodes will be easily accessible in all of the regions around the same time frame. But we will be back next week, so see you soon friends.

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