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Top 6 Casting Choices For Deadpool

3. Johnny Knoxville


Okay, be honest. A tiny part of you is thinking: “Yeah, I’d like to see that”. In fact, I want you all to say it out loud. Ready? Say: “Johnny Knoxville could play Deadpool”. Admit it, it felt a little good saying that, didn’t it? Hell, if he can be Leonardo in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, then he can bloody well be Deadpool! Right? I can’t be the only one who’s a little intrigued by this idea, right? Sure, this is a guy who’s made a living out of getting the crap kicked out of him via wacky and dangerous stunts, but that’s no reason why he couldn’t play this character. I mean… he could do it, right?


2. Jim Carrey


I know what you’re thinking: “Hey, didn’t Jim Carrey go on record stating that he couldn’t support the amount of violence in Kick Ass 2? And isn’t he well known as being anti guns? What on earth makes you think that he would agree to star as the hyper violent Deadpool?”. A fair question, to which I say… we both know that this isn’t going to happen. We all know that these actors aren’t going to be hired. Believe it or not, I have very little power and influence in Hollywood (Although that may change after I finish construction on “The Device”!). So the inclusion of Jim Carrey on this list is merely a little fantasy of mine. A delusional hope that will never be realised. But let’s face it, his anti violence stance aside, there’s no reason why he couldn’t play Deadpool, right? Wait, there is one reason….


1. Nolan North and some stunt guy.


YEAH! WHY THE HELL HAS NO ONE THOUGHT OF THIS? Just get Nolan North as the voice and have somebody else be the body! It’s so simple! It’s not like this hasn’t been done before! In Hellboy and its sequel, Doug Jones was the body of Abe Sapien, whilst David Hyde Pierce was the voice. And that was great! What, not enough evidence for you? How about a little series of films known as STAR WARS? Yeah, David Prowse was the body of Darth frigging Vader and James Earl Jones was the iconic voice! This is the best possible way the character could be represented. Nolan North’s name is practically synonymous with Deadpool, having voiced him more times than I care to count. The only other actors I would make me even entertain the possibility of them playing the role would be John Kassir (Who voiced him in Marvel Ultimate Alliance’s 1 and 2) and Ryan Reynolds himself. Why then did I list five other actors to play him, you say? Because I’m contractually obligated to cast six actors by my benevolent AP2HYC overlords, that’s why!


But what do YOU think of this list. Was it a clever collection of creative casting or was it… crap? Let us know in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter! Meanwhile, I need to finish work on “The Device”. All I need is some plutonium, the blood of fifty virgins, a second hand copy of Flowers for Algernon and a lock of Kevin Smith’s hair! MWA HA HA HA!!!

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