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Daredevil Series To Premiere On Netflix In May Of 2015

Ah, Netflix. You have provided the world with several original series, such as House of Cards, which I’ve never watched, and Season 4 of Arrested Development, which I didn’t like. You are normally just a tool to be used in order for me to watch Dexter or Trailer Park Boys. This has changed. Months ago it was announced that Netflix will release another original series. The difference is that the new series is Daredevil!

Knowing that the show would be released at some point in the future is of little interest to many people, including myself. Actors could reject roles after some time, producers could think twice about making a risk, and plans for a show can be scrapped. Not anymore. This past weekend, towards the end of the San Diego Comic Con, it was announced that Daredevil will premiere on Netflix in May of 2015!

Why should anyone care? Why should I, someone who has never read a Daredevil comic, care about this announcement? The general public (non-comic book readers) probably only know of the character from the 2003 film, which starred Ben Affleck. I cannot recall a time when I heard any praise for that film. Also, Affleck will play Batman in one of DC Comics’ upcoming films. This new show will help distance his name from the character as well as providing people with a new image of Daredevil.

After eleven years, I believe it is time for a fresh start. It seems appropriate now, since Marvel seems to be in a period of taking risks by making movies that star lesser known characters. The series is set to star Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Vincent D’Onofino as The Kingpin (the biggest crime boss in New York, in more ways than one), Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page (one of Murdock’s love interests), and Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson (Murdock’s law partner and best friend), with former Buffy and Smallville writer Steven S. DeKnight as showrunner.

The fact that this will be on Netflix makes the idea of the show even more exciting. Audiences will not have to wait for new episodes and will be able watch multiple episodes in one sitting, thus not having to wait a week to watch a second episode. In fact, Joe Quesada (former Daredevil writer and Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer) has said that the show is being designed to be “binge watched”. If a viewer likes an episode they can simply watch another. Whenever I watch a show on TV I often miss the second episode if I feel that the pilot is only “okay.” Most shows get better as their first season goes on, so the ability to watch multiple episodes at once increases the chance that people will watch a show.

Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite superhero is Batman and that I love DC more than Marvel. My roommate was the opposite, in terms of company loyalty. He often told me to read Daredevil’s comics, saying that he was similar to Batman. I always meant to, but I was often busy reading other things (curse you, George R. R. Martin).This show will be a great opportunity for people, myself included, to have (what we pretend to be) our first experience with Daredevil, and I am glad for it!

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