Top 9 Physically Strongest Marvel Women

It’s no secret that both Marvel and DC have a larger number of super strong male characters than female characters, but both have some surprising lady powerhouses in their stables.  Some are A-listers, but others are characters often forgotten in the discussion of “What could take so-and-so in a fight?”  The Hulk always dominates any Marvel-related “Who’s the strongest character?” discussion (and even ones regarding all comic book characters in history), as does the Thing, Thor, and even the Rhino.  The ladies are sometimes forgotten, which is a shame because all of these ladies are fierce warriors who could pop off your head as easily as taking off the top of a dandelion.

9. Rogue:


Her eyes are up there, and her skull-crushing biceps are under that coat.

The X-Men films have relegated Rogue to be known as “that girl who can steal your powers if she touches you.”  This is indeed a formidable power, but I always thought the X-Men films wasted so much potential with this character.  Rogue can fly and, oh yes, she can punch through a tank.  She and Colossus were the powerhouses of the X-Men for many years.  If you needed someone to rip off a Sentinel’s head, and Colossus was busy, you called Rogue.  She didn’t even need a “fastball special” to do it.  She’d just fly up there and tear the robot’s head off its neck.

8. Valkyrie:


Do NOT make a Swiss Miss joke. She doesn’t like it.

Everyone loves Sif thanks to the Thor films.  Everyone forgets that Sif was a C-list character in the original run of Journey into Mystery and Thor.  Yes, Sif is an Asgardian, but so is Valkyrie.  She’s also the greatest of all the valkyries who swoop into battle and deal with the underworld on a daily basis.  Her physical strength is well-established, and she and Hercules were the muscle in the Defenders for many years.  She also likes carrying a sword and spear, so imagine someone who can arm wrestle with Hercules throwing a spear at you.  It would be through you and the house across the street before you realized you were dead.

7. Namorita:


And she doesn’t like Vulcan jokes.

The muscle behind the New Warriors is Atlantean royalty and almost as strong as her cousin, Namor the Sub-Mariner (who, as many know, can slug it out with the Hulk).  Namorita is still maturing, mind you, which means she will only get stronger.  The woman can already bunch a hole in a submarine and topple a battleship single-handed.  How strong will she be when she’s old enough to rule Atlantis?

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