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PRESS RELEASE: New Film Vermilion From Veronica Vargas & Co.

After getting off to a bit of a rocky start, new horror film Vermilion has gone into production and the first trailer is expected soon! Below is the official trailer as well as a press release for the film, which should give you a bite-size idea of what it is and what’s to come!


Vermilion is a drama based horror film following the event of two races, human and vampire, forced into co-existence in an ungoverned world. Civilization held together by threads faces its demise in the wake of an experiment gone wrong. Thus creating a creature, the likes in which either race has never seen.

Princess Amethystia (Grace_Morales) faces a looming threat (Peter Kendall)

Princess Amethystia (Grace_Morales) faces a looming threat (Peter Kendall)

Left with few options, a team of both species is assembled and tasked with hunting down this monstrosity in the midst of an outbreak of the undead.

With underlying themes of religion and racism, the band of flawed characters set forth to seek out this monstrous hybrid in a world where nothing is what it seems. A post-apocalyptic Wonderland, where wrong can be right and down often means sideways, trust is a lost art and the future holds no guarantees.

The story of Vermilion began in October 2013 with Veronica ‘Foxy Foxxy’ Vargas and Ron Fulmer (actor, “Raines” in film) of Captain Ron Productions at the writing helm and Damian Vargas (actor, “Triggs” in film) aiding in its creation, with a set filming date to begin in March 2014. It wasn’t until December 2013/January 2014 that Vermilion truly began evolving from what they felt was going to be a grindhouse style B-Movie into a full scale independent production when Scott Will Kill You Productions joined in on Vermilion as its director, and the official Facebook page, Twitter handle and instagram launched. After which extensive casting calls were held in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as script re-writes, location scouting etc., along with snags on the way that were quickly fixed, thus pushing the filming date back to Summer 2014.

Don’t expect the typical horror cliché’s. There aren’t jump at you scares, there’s blood and some gore but not gratuitous (all hand-made old school special FX make-up have been used, no CGI post production will be necessary). You will most definitely have moments where you feel uncomfortable and have that ‘horror movie anxiety’. We definitely went into this, writing and filming- wise, with that old school horror mentality, to the point where we began calling it more of a character and drama driven horror because the horror doesn’t just come from a horror species like a zombie, the horror also comes from humans as well; especially with our lead villain/’monster’. We’ve given him the Jaws/Cloverfield effect in the film. In the end while there are zombies in the film, the notion of zombies isn’t the focal point of the horror.

Co-writer Veronica "Foxy Foxxy" Vargas behind the scenes creating Princess Amethystias' costume

Co-writer Veronica “Foxy Foxxy” Vargas behind the scenes creating Princess Amethystias’ costume

Some of the things that Vermilion is emphatic on for the film is authenticity in location and character representation and “old school” effects in the forms of facial molds, homemade “blood”, etc. so that there is very minimal need for CGI in post-production.

Filming for Vermilion began on June 22, with an extensive Summer schedule and will be underway throughout Fall 2014, after which the film will go straight into post-production.

Along with filming the movie, the cast has begun to film and post character behind the scenes shorts on the Vermilion YouTube channel, in which the cast remain in character and give a behind the scenes look of what goes on during the few moments of down time they have while on their mission.


Stay tuned for future announcements about Vermilion!

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