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REVIEW: The Flash 1×04 “Going Rogue”

Give Geoff Johns an episode and he will make it the most pun filled and action packed episode of The Flash to date, oh and he’ll introduce The Flash’s most famous villain to boot. This week’s “Going Rogue” was easily the best episode of since the pilot if not the best episode of the series to date and through it all I had a big stupid grin on my face. It was easy to see that there were huge draws this week in Johns’ writing and Wentworth Miller’s debut as Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold. However it was Emily Bett Rickards guest starring as Felicity that really managed to give the episode the extra edge it really did not even need. Felicity seemed to fit in even better in this world than the show she actual is on as all of her humor and double entendres were lightning quick. So let’s dive in.

Let’s start with the introduction of one of the most well know cold based super villains Captain Cold Leonard Snart. Say what you will about the leader of the Rogues opening episode, but damn if Wenworth Miller doesn’t have the gravitas to nail the always calculating Snart. Besides the hokey cold puns that kept popping up it seemed as if Snart’s moral code is much less defined than it usually is. Start in the Rogues usually have one rule, no killing unless it is absolutely necessary. This made it so jarring to see Snart drop so many bodies as it is usually not how he is depicted as well as the fact that Johns had Snart state his moral code very early on in the episode. Other than that all of Miller’s scenes were amazing from his monologue about his grandfather to his final scene with a brief cameo from another member of The Rogues, Mick Rory aka Heat Wave. I can’t wait for the two to return as cold marked Barry’s first real defeat as a hero.

As for the actual STAR Labs team it was a very strong week for internal conflict as Cisco continues to be built into a very strong character. It seems as if he is being built into a very complex character as it is revealed he built the cold gun to be a failsafe incase Barry ever turned into a bad guy. This is always a good plan as you don’t know who a person will become once they are given powers, but to see everyone besides Caitlin turn on him so quickly was kind of shocking. Wells’ was to be expected as his prime directive so far has been to ensure Barry’s well being and safety, but for Barry to go off the rails was a little surprising. It was not surprising that he was hurt by Cisco’s actions, but rather that he though in the span of a month or two Cisco would be able to make an effective decision that Barry would never go rogue. Cisco much like Batman made the right call to have a failsafe incase Barry ever became evil, but he should have at least informed Wells and Caitlin of it’s existence just in case.

We should speak about Rickards’ guest appearance as Felicity as her chemistry with Grant Gustin continued to be spot on. Everything from how she revealed that she was listening in when Barry made his impromptu visit to Ollie to the final kiss really helped to accentuate just how well these two characters play off of each other. Other than Rickards being drop dead gorgeous she managed to really inject some pathos into the episode as Barry actually struggled with the idea that his “friends”  were hiding secrets from him. Felicity openly admitted to Barry that it took time for Team Arrow to become the well oiled machine we know today. Barry has to accept despite wanting to be everyones best friend he has only just met the STAR Labs team, so it will take time for them to achieve Diggle levels of trust with each other. Also damn is that kiss wasn’t super satisfying as this is a relationship that actual works and doesn’t feel super forced or out of left field. It’s amazing what chemistry will do for you.

Overall a truly amazing episode.

Final Grade A

+Wentworth Miller is Captain Cold

+Cisco storyline made perfect sense

+Felicity/Barry material was great

+That final train sequence

+Joe material still impressive

+Barry actual lost to Captain Cold

Extra Thoughts

-Dexter Myles made a brief cameo. In the future he runs The Flash museum so a really cool call out.

-I really enjoyed Barry’s joke about starting a club with Snart for people with bad first names and dads in prison.

-“It’s just the STAR Labs vacuum cleaner with A LOT of LEDs” Brilliant line and I totally believe Snart knew Cisco was bluffing.

-Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond, please be laying the foundation for Queen Bee or Black Adam.

-It was subtle but you can clearly see that Mick has some burns on his hands so it looks like he may be scarred in some way from the last job he pulled with Snart.

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