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Marvel and DC at the Movies

Future films for both the Marvel and DC cinematic universe were just recently announced to cheers and jeers, and from what I’ve noticed the jeers are mostly aimed at DC. One comment regarding the news peeked my interest to write this article:

Marvel announces huge slate of movies for the next bunch of years.
Fanboy: I can’t wait. So awesome to announce these movies.
DC announced huge slate of movies for the next bunch of years…
Same Fanboy: DC is doing too much by announcing all these movies.
Really? Just shut up and stop being a fanboy.

Is “DC is doing too much by announcing all these movies”? In my opinion, yes but for valid reasons.

While some Marvel Studio movies (not the Sony/Fox Marvel properties) were questionable in plot and enjoyment, one cannot deny that Marvel did an exceptional job with its stand alone character driven films such as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger leading up to The Avengers, which therefore enabled them to not only expand those characters into other films, but they were and currently are using that momentum to introduce the masses to characters that only Marvel Comics readers would know of, like the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, etc. Some say that, as a film, Avengers was over-hyped and overrated, and to an extent they are right, but again one cannot deny that Marvel successfully accomplished taking those films, along with character cameos, and individually developed all of them to pull off a movie of epic proportions just based on characters alone, even down to the created-for-film Agent Coulson. The Avengers film spawned the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and while that show gets mixed reviews/ratings, it has broadened the horizons of characters, as well as co-existing with the Marvel cinematic universe past, present and soon to be future.

DC films is attempting to do the same in the form of Justice League, which has been a long time coming. The problem with DC announcing this many films, I feel, is that they’re blindly rushing into Justice League head first without having established more than one character driven film to accomplish that (other than Man of Steel). The Christopher Nolan Batman films were very successful among fans and the box office, however those films will have nothing to do with the upcoming cinematic universe and they’ll begin establishing their Batman in the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

That said, DC has cornered the television market; Arrow is a huge success, as is The Flash. A Flash film is set with a different actor than the series – however that part is inconsequential, the part that boggles me is that the events in The Flash and Arrow TV series will have nothing to do with the DC cinematic universe as a whole.

I understand using a different actor because the TV to movie transition may not be what they want and there has been more than one Flash at a time (IF they go that route, Wally West could be on the big screen and Barry Allen could stay on TV), but when it comes to keeping these universes their own separate entities I do question why.

Arrow and The Flash have established universes, ones that fanboys/fangirls have accepted and non-fanboys/fangirls have enjoyed and come to know. Why not capitalize on that? It would seem like the easy and smart thing to do. In doing so then we have two characters plus Superman as precursors to the Justice League film and other DC films can be focused on. That time and money can go towards introducing and/or expanding on other DC characters that are not only integral to the Justice League, but we know and are waiting for. Yes we are exited for the big picture in the Justice League, but even the biggest picture began with small brush strokes, which was what made Marvel’s Avengers work.
Had Avengers been released right after Iron Man or Captain America, it probably wouldn’t have done well. Which is what DC is doing under the pressure to keep up: making one film with two well known characters and cameos of others, than jumping into Justice League. There’s no doubt that the film will still do well, but it could do even better if we as an audience had more beforehand, more character introduction and development, films that would leave us all salivating leaving the theater because we know it will all lead up to the epic event of Justice League.

The other problem with DC announcing these films is that other than Man of Steel, there’s nothing to make us  believe that they can pull this off, especially when previous DC releases are to be forgotten because it won’t matter to this upcoming universe. Whereas Marvel (non-Sony/Fox) goes with the flow with previous releases; in Phase 1 we saw Ed Norton as Bruce Banner/Hulk in a own stand alone film to establish character and Mark Ruffalo replaced him in The Avengers but Marvel didn’t tell us to forget that film, they still use the Phase 1 film plot and events as the precursor to Ruffalo’s Hulk in Avengers. DC is purposefully ignoring their previous franchises, both in film and TV.

I’m not against DC’s potential movie announcements, but the key word in that statement is ‘potential’, Their hopes for this future cinematic universe is a step in the right direction, though the lack of paths taken and the decision making can be rather questionable.

A house can only be built if the foundation is laid first, and plans to build a mansion atop a foundation that isn’t properly laid out is bound for destruction.

What do you think of DC’s new slate of films? Will they be awesome and do all the characters “justice” or will they fall flat on their face? Sound off in the comments or Twitter!

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