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REVIEW: Arrow 3×07 “Draw Back Your Bow”

That was surprisingly good. Not in an I thought this was going to be a crash and burn episode, rather than the core conflict of the episode was extremely well crafted and played with Ollie in the right way. “Draw Back Your Bow” could have gone extremely wrong at like five different points, but for once in her short life Cupid was not an absolute pain in the ass to watch or even keep track of. I mean she was a well driven and surprisingly well developed villain in sharp contrast to Girder from last night’s The Flash. I may in the end actually saying I liked her as a whole and want her to recur. You know what even the entire Felicity and Ray plot which I have been dreading since day one has developed at the exact right pace to be considered appropriate for a coupling. So, let’s dive in.

First off congrats for finally finding a way to make Carrie Cutter work, which comic fans tend to agree is a feet upon itself. Stalkers are hard to make work regardless of the format they are in because they are so single minded and laser focused on their target they are often not given the middle room to develop pass that. Amy Gumenick’s performance however really managed to elevate the character beyond the average one trick pony. I mean not only did she occasionally best/ outsmart Ollie, but she managed to discover where his secret base was in one episode. It took Vertigo three appearances to even get that close and Merlyn an entire season to discover who Ollie was. Granted Carrie is not at that level but she used all of the tools at her disposal to get super close to where Ollie calls home. Add in the amount of background detail like the ex swat stuff and the meeting with Carrie’s ex psychiatrist and we found a true blue fleshed out character who I want to see again.

Similarly I am really enjoying all of the Ray/Felicity material which could have gone sour so quickly. Let me state this upfront I hate forced romances and shipping, prime example the DJ guy who showed up to hit on Thea this week, just the worst. However, with the proper build up and chemistry it easily manages to work for both Ray and Felicity to be together. You could easily see that Felicity admires Ray and everything that he is working towards even if she doesn’t know the minutia of his entire plan. I mean I doubt Ray has told her about the ATOM suit but I am sure this will all come in time. Plus Ray is the perfect mixture of Barry’s absent mindedness and Ollie’s pure drive and determination. As long as the relationship continues to develop at a nice pace I really can’t see anyone having a problem with it besides Ollie.

I will say thank you so much for having both Oliver and Roy be dealing with problems that can’t be easily solved by capturing the bad guy. Roy is clearly not ok with the fact that he unknowingly murdered a cop and I am glad the writers are giving this arc the proper respect it deserves rather than forcing all of this action off screen. Similarly, it is great that Ollie’s feelings for Felicity have not gone away and that he is trying to find a way to cope with his belief that he needs to be alone in life. A. that is a bullshit brooding hero stereotype and there is absolutely no reason that Ollie needs to be alone or separated from the larger world. If it weren’t for Diggle going full Alfred on Ollie this entire episode arc would have been more frustrating than anything else. Luckily both Ollie and Roy realize they atlas need someone to lean on and Diggle will always be that person for them no matter what.

Overall it was a very enjoyable episode leading up to the big crossover in two weeks. Get hyped.

Final Grade B+

+Cupid worked and was interesting

+Ray and Felicity were great

+Solid and believable Roy and Ollie Drama

+Flashbacks were better

-Thea plot was entirely useless

Extra Thoughts

-Yep Captain Boomerang is here and he is played by Nick Tarabay of Spartacus fame. If there is not a scene where Waller threatens to behead him I will be sorely disappointed.

-Seriously, Tatsu killed like ten guys tonight and Ollie wanted her to do his laundry. Dude needs priorities.

-Sherwood Florist made it’s first appearance, hopefully many more to come.

-I miss Ollie’s mansion, it was just such a cool location.

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