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REVIEW: Legend of Korra 4×07 “Reunion”

Ok, so stuff happened, I am not sure entirely what the point of this episode was besides to get most of the band back together, but it was fun. That is basically what I felt when I was watching “Reunion” in the overall scheme of things this was a cool down episode after the hectic pace of last week. Sure we had some fun character pieces with Bolin and Varrick’s man on the run antics, but the main attraction was seeing Korra back together with Asami and Mako. I have basically been dying for the team to get back together and go on some classic Avatar antics and this may indeed be as close as we will get this season since we are probably going to go full throttle towards the finale now. Also that ending means that a big fight is hopefully coming and Kuvira will know pain. So, let’s dive in.

So, yeah most of Team Avatar was back this week with Prince Wu filling in for the comic stylings of Bolin and it largely worked. I mean there are worse ways to spend an episode but I just wish more had happened. I mean let’s look at what actually happened: Wu get’s kidnapped, the team is now outside of the city, and now we know Korra can basically find anyone in the world with spirit powers. Wu getting kidnapped was more of a plot necessity because the character has literally been taken to his natural conclusion. There was no reason for Korra to return to Republic City other to say hi if she was going to be immediately put back outside the city. I mean she could have easily said, hey meet me here and let’s start planning how to deal with Kuvira, and we still would have achieved the same result. I will say I am happy a lot of the smaller issues were dealt with like Asami reconciling with her dad or Korra only talking to Asami. These could have been dragged out for another episode but it was better to deal with these issues, but this was a cleaner resolve.

To be honest the more interesting part of the episode were the continued adventures of Bolin and Varrick who are really the stars of this entire season. We knew that thy would be one the run but I honestly have no idea what they are intending to do with Bolin. He seems to be going the season two Zuko route of exploring the Earth Kingdom and possibly learning more about the ramifications of Kuvira’s actions. We actually got to finally meet people who were imprisoned in one of Kuvira’s “reeducation camps” turns out Kuvira is literally Hitler. She is taking citizens who aren’t earthbenders and imprisoning them which if anyone managed to find out about these behaviors it would make all of the nations go to war with the Earth Empire. I guess that Kuvira is a more of an ideological incongruous as she used to subspace to Zaofu’s theory of individuality and self expression and now is imprisoning anyone who is not believe in her vision. Varrick once again had all of the great comedic material as Bolin is growing into a true leader, who is hopefully gaining an army to help out in the fight against Kuvira.

The best part of this week for me was definitely the fight at the border as basically everyone was given a big important moment. I am overjoyed that we finally got to see Bolin do some real lavabending and to see just how far he progressed in those three years. Zhu Li got a lot of the spotlight in their big fight earlier in the season, but Bolin got to be a tour de force this week as he took on mach after mech with his sweet lavabending. I do have a question as to how Bolin trained since lavabending is a fairly destructive art, but I really don’t care because lava is awesome. Similarly it is nice to see Varrick continuing to think on his feet as he somehow managed to create a working EMP to shut down the mechs. I don’t know how he did it but now we can only hope he will be able to recreate it on a larger scale so that we can beat Kuvira’s expansive army of mechs. As for Kuvira we saw her briefly cutting up the big tree in the swamp in order to harness it’s spirit energy. I can only imagine this will end very poorly for her since Toph is not really the understanding talkative type.

Overall it was an ok episode, just not seemingly important in the overall plot.

Final Grade C

+The border fight

+Most of the team is back together

+Prince Wu out of the way

-Really nothing happened

-Korra’s out of the city once again

-Why is no one know anything about Kuvira being Hitler

Extra Thoughts

-Asami: “You met Toph? What was she like?” Korra: “Uh…cranky, more miserable version of Lin.” Mako: “Is that even possible?” Korra: “You’d be surprised.” Amazingly accurate, but Korra forgot what a complete badass Toph is.

-Kuvira brought airships and mechs. Toph literally destroyed an entire fleet of airships, when she was twelve.

-Probably my favorite sight gags of the episode were Varrick getting on the boat and Mako’s grandmother seeing Prince Wu. Both hilarious in their own ways.

-Seriously, where the hell is Kai?

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