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REVIEW: Legend of Korra 4×08 “Remembrances”

Oh hey, it’s a clip show, yay, Yes that is the reaction I am going to take with this episode since I have read Bryke’s blog post on why they had to make “Remembrances” the way it was rather than what we would have all preferred the clip show to be, i.e. “Ember Island Players”. It still managed to be a good filler episode and not nearly as groan worthy as I thought it would be overall. Make no mistake this is a write off episode with about five minutes of “new” content overall and yet I still found myself laughing for the large majority of the episode. Wu and Varrick’s sections had me pretty much laughing from end to end as the brother’s straight men tried to keep the entire affair on the rails. Unfortunately for the everyone else Wu and Varricks antics end up trumping sane reasoning. So let’s dive in.

For a pretty unnecessary and slightly bizarre episode I found myself with more questions than answers. Most of those questions centered around why Prince Wu knew absolutely nothing about his best friend/ bodyguard and more importantly how over the three years he never asked any questions of Mako. From the way in which the entire segment was framed it mad it seem like Mako was more than willing to talk about his past if Wu had asked him even once. The framing of Mako’s relationship with both Korra and Asami worked ok for the most part, but Wu’s interstitial commentary was what made the entire scene worthwhile. His little high five with Mako’s cousin and Mako’s grandma saying that Mako was just like his grandfather were nice little character bits that helped to flesh out the characters. It would have been nice for Mako to not have come of as so brazenly cocky, but whatever I guess he has the charm to make it work.

The best part of the episode was clearly the entire third act where Varrick describes the entire story through the lens of Bolin being the hero. Not only was it hilarious to see all of the awkward edits that were made to the various scenes, but listening to Varrick constantly contradict himself when telling the story. If anything this section was the equivalent to watching an episode of Drunk History, and it was spectacular. From the awkward villain phone call to billions face being recut onto Kaiju Korra, I just couldn’t stop laughing at how bizarre the entire thing was. As I was watching this section I realized that if the whole episode was just told from Varrick and Bolin’s perspective the episode would have been pretty great. Of course as always John Michael Higgins nailed Varrick’s master storyteller persona which helped to elevate the entire insanity of the piece especially as he was stumbling to find a name for the four big bads.

Overall it was a bearable episode where just not a lot happened.

Final Grade C-


+Varrick telling his story

-It’s a clip show

-It didn’t have the same Korra quality

-The middle part was irrelevant

-Lot of repeated material in the three sections

Extra Thoughts

-I loved that we didn’t use the real Unalaq for the fearsome foursome. Just goes to show no one liked him as a villain

-“Wu Down” will never not be funny

-We had a Kai sighting. Sure it was a clip but still counts right?

-I just want to point out the entire third act centers around Steve Blum listening to a story about Steve Blum. That is possibly really meta.

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