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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 5×06 “Consumed”

You’d think that an episode featuring the two most bad-ass characters of The Walking Dead couldn’t possibly be bad, right? After a bit of a rollercoaster with the quality of the past few episodes, I was really praying that tonight’s feature would be enjoyable. Unfortunately, “Consumed” was severely lacking. It was almost as boring as the Beth-centric “Slabtown” from two weeks ago. (spoilers ahead!)

The episode starts off with a flashback from Season 4 when Rick parted ways with Carol and told her she was no longer welcome at the prison. We see Carol drive away and set up camp in a nearby city for a few nights, only to come back to the prison after the Governor’s assault. There are more flashbacks spread throughout the episode that chronicle various points of Carol’s journey up until she attacked Terminus. Even though the flashbacks were very brief, they were still a waste of time. There was nothing proven by these flashbacks at all. It was all stuff we’ve seen before except for one clip of Carol watching Karen and David’s corpses burn.


Overall, the entire episode was pointless. It was an hour of watching Daryl and Carol slowly and tediously following clues in their search for Beth. At one point, the writers tried to include some character development between the duo, but it ultimately failed. We know the basis of Carol and Daryl’s friendship and we know how they share many similarities; what else could possibly happen between them? I would’ve given the episode more credit if they attempted to set up a romantic subplot (I hate forced romances, though a quick kissing scene or something could’ve broken up the monotony of this episode).

I thought the episode would pick up at around the halfway mark when Carol and Daryl encounter Noah, who ends up stealing their weapons and running away. But then the episode drags on for another twenty minutes or so before they run into him again and take back their weapons. Honestly, I just didn’t care what happened to the kid. I think I was supposed to feel bad for Noah because he almost gets eaten by a walker and begs for help, only to be dismissed by Daryl. Then our crossbow-wielding hero has a change of heart and helps Carol save him. That’s when Noah reveals that he knows Beth and where she is held prisoner.

“Slabtown” was a crappy episode, but at least it ended on a decent note with a clip of Carol being rolled into the hospital. In “Consumed”, we find out that Carol has suffered multiple injuries (possibly some major internal bleeding), which explains why she was on that gurney, so at least we got some closure on that subplot. But as I’ve already stated: this entire episode was pointless. It could’ve been done in 10 minutes. This is actually the first time I’ve been truly angry with the show. There are three episodes (now two) left until the mid-season break. Are they really trying that hard to drag out this subplot? And guess what? Next week’s episode is bouncing back to the church again. So we might not get a resolution until after the show returns in February!

There isn’t much else to say about “Consumed”, and I’m embarrassed to leave such a short review, but that should demonstrate the abysmal quality of tonight’s episode. What a waste.

Final Grade: D

+ At least it’s over.


– The entire episode was incredibly slow and could’ve been completed in a couple of minutes.

– Noah is annoying.

– Virtually no redeeming factors to the episode besides the fact that it featured Carol and Daryl.


Were you as disappointed in tonight’s episode as I was? Do you think the Beth subplot will be resolved by the mid-season finale? Let us know in the comments or give us a shout on Twitter!

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