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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 5×07 “Crossed”

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was a little all over the place, but it was overall much more enjoyable than last week’s rather slow plot. Thankfully, the story moved forward at a quick pace, making the hour almost fly by. It even properly set up the mid-season finale for next week. (spoilers ahead!)

The aptly named episode “Crossed” switches perspectives across the various subgroups. At the church, we have Michonne and Carl trying to teach Father Gabriel the importance of defending himself from the walkers. However, the pacifist priest has trouble even handling a machete and goes to lock himself in his room. Shortly afterwards, he escapes the church and makes a run for it. At one point, he encounters a walker, and is about to kill her, but notices a cross around her neck. Therefore, he leaves her and keeps running.

I’ve admired Seth Gilliam‘s performance as Father Gabriel this entire season. He has a good grasp on the character and knows how to perfectly encapsulate the workings of a conflicted man. Father Gabriel knows that he has to be able to fight to survive, but his overt religious tendencies keep him from defending himself. Either his faith is extremely strong, even in the face of the zombie apocalypse, or he’s simply afraid to act violently. Obviously, this won’t be the last we see of the character, and I’m hoping that he becomes part of the main cast after the mid-season break.

Plot number two revolves around the D.C. group. The last time we saw them, Abraham had knocked Eugene out in anger over the latter admitting that he wasn’t a scientist and doesn’t know the cure for the walker outbreak. “Crossed” picks up almost immediately afterwards, with Eugene still unconscious and Abraham in an almost comatose state. Tara, Rosita, and Glen go off to search for more water and food while Maggie stays behind to keep an eye on Eugene and Abraham.

There’s one part of this subplot that disappointed me: Tara, Rosita, and Glen are searching a group of corpses for supplies to go fishing, and Tara finds an old knapsack. She pulls out an object and says something along the lines of “you won’t believe what I found!”, and the scene cuts to black. For a moment, I thought it would be something like a water-purifier or a grenade or another useful tool. Cut back to Tara a few minutes later and it turns out to be a friggin’ yo-yo. What was the point of that? Why the short build-up? Was the yo-yo just a decoy for what she actually found? Was the yo-yo supposed to symbolize the carefree pre-walker era and act as a glimmer of hope for the survivors?

Also, on a side-note, at the end of that little subplot, Eugene makes groaning noises, indicating that he has awoken. We see Maggie go back to check on him and then that’s it. I noticed how the noises he was making were pretty walker-ish, so I’m curious to see if he actually recovered or if Abraham’s beating had actually killed him and turned him into a zombie. I guess we’ll find out next week.

The final plot, which was obviously meant to be the core story, involved Rick, Daryl, Noah, Sasha, and Tyreese going to the hospital to save Beth and Carol. I thought this was an odd group that Rick chose, especially considering that Tyreese has tried to cut down on the violence in his life. But seeing as Sasha was going, I can definitely understand that her brother would want to keep an eye on her.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 5.34.15 PM

It got a little hectic with the Rick plot and I had a hard time staying focused, especially because it was interspersed with scenes from inside the hospital as Beth tried to save Carol (there was an order for Carol to be taken off life support, so Beth put a special medicine into Carol’s IV to assist her recovery). Noah lures the cops outside the hospital and Rick and company capture them. There’s a pretty neat scene where Daryl and one of the cops are fighting, and Daryl actually clubs the guy with a severed walker head; easily one of the most bad-ass moments of the episode.

Another part that caught me off guard in this episode was when one of the cops addressed Rick and seemed to know that he was a fellow police officer. He said that Rick “talked and carried himself” in a way that showed his law enforcement background. I personally don’t see it, but police officers are very fraternal and most likely have a sixth sense that allows them to identify each other. It was a little weird for me, but I guess it makes sense for the story’s sake.

At the end of the episode, one of the officers takes advantage of Sasha’s vulnerability (his name was coincidentally Bob) and knocks her out, giving him a chance to get away. Honestly, I shook my head and rolled my eyes at this point. Were they really trying to shock us with that? It was almost too obvious what would happen. It wasn’t enough to ruin the entire episode for me, but it was a pretty weak ending. I’m praying next week’s mid-season finale will have a stronger close.

After two pretty disappointing episodes in the past couple of weeks, “Crossed” was a breath of fresh air. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. Last mid-season finale was amazing, and I think The Walking Dead knows how to properly close out the show before a break.

Final Grade: B –

+ Seth Gilliam gives an amazing performance as always.

+ The episode was very fast-paced and didn’t feel like it dragged on.

+ There is great chemistry between the characters in their respective scenes, especially with Glenn, Tara, and Rosita.


– The ending was a bit of a cop-out and Sasha’s dumb move was very unlike her character.

– I’m still not a fan of Tyler James Williams or his portrayal of Noah.

– This is more of a nitpick: Tara’s yo-yo shtick was just stupid.

Extra Thought:

– In a recent interview, Norman Reedus revealed that the mid-season finale made him cry for an hour after a particular scene. That means something huge will happen in next week’s episode. My guess is that Beth and/or Carol will kick the bucket.

Did you enjoy this episode of The Walking Dead? Have any predictions for next week’s episode? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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