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REVIEW: Constantine 1×08 “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 1”

The Saint of Last Resorts is, thankfully, a vast improvement over the last few episodes.

John Constantine (Matt Ryan) is called to Mexico by Anne-Marie (Claire van der Boom), an old friend, after a baby is kidnapped by a monster. Zed (Angélica Celaya) stays behind and ends up getting in trouble anyway.

The Zed scenes are definitely the weakest ones in the episode: they were predictable and lacked tension. John tells her to not leave his home and to not snoop around while he is gone, so of course she does both of those things. She finds some magic rooms and almost gets herself killed, and of course she later uses those same rooms to protect herself from some unwelcome guests. It feels too perfect and neat, which would have been prevented if she had found other magical items/rooms and not used them. When she is finally defeated it feels cheap, though at least we finally know what her real name is.

The best thing about the episode is that it develops the ongoing storyline of the coming darkness, as opposed to being the usual villain of the week type of episode. John’s friend, Anne-Marie, is not much of a friend anymore. They haven’t spoken since the Newcastle incident. Bringing back another character from John’s past is a welcome addition to the episode. John’s history gets fleshed out some more while allowing the story to feel more personal. Many of the previous episodes suffered from making his challenges too easy. All of his friends deal with their guilt in their own way, including John, and this episode shows that they might have been better off sticking together than going their separate ways (at least to a certain extent).

One of Eve’s sisters (as in Adam and Eve), Lamashtu, was the villain this week. She kidnaps babies from a family in Mexico and puts them in cages. John uncovers that she is working for the Brujería, and believes that they are responsible for the coming darkness, which is to make hell one with Earth (duh). The Brujería blood flows through the veins of the infants because the family’s ancestors had bred with the Brujería, who were using Lamashtu to bring the babies back to them. John, wanting to do whatever it took to get her to talk, threatens to harm the babies. Anne-Marie later turns on him, by following that very idea, and shoots him. The episode ends with Zed kidnapped and John bleeding to death, but don’t worry about being killed by suspense because the next episode’s preview tells you how he will out of that problem. So much for keeping the audience’s interest.

This is the show’s first two parter, which is refreshing. You expect him to wrap up his problems when there are only a few minutes left and then…he gets shot and the episode ends.

I am convinced that there is a good show somewhere in Constantine, but the series is too cloudy to see it clearly. The Saint of Last Resorts is one of the most well written episodes so far, it just lacks heart, or at least the feeling of one. I did not feel it, but it was trying, and it tried hard.

Final Grade: B-

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