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REVIEW: Legend of Korra 4×12 “Day of The Colossus”

Here we are boys and girls, the finale, well part one of it anyway and if your are looking for our review of part two it will be up soon enough. Legend of Korra has a lot of things going for it, the vast scope of the narrative, strong diverse characters who have evolved over time, and amazingly animated action sequences. So when you sit down to watch a season finale/ series finale there are certain expectations that you assume are going to met and “Day of The Colossus” easily met the general scope we wanted. With the Colossus bearing down on Republic City we knew our team would have to have a big strategy to fight off Kuvira’s monstrosity. Luckily, Bryke always manages to work extremely well in the confines of a “take down a much larger opponent” stories and this was no exception. From our opening shots to the final one we made just enough progress that the big plot points were not for naught. So let’s dive in.

First off, damn the sheer scope of the fight scenes in this episode were amazing, as on multiple fronts you had characters attempting to stop the Colossus in ways I had not thought about. The art team wen full Attack on Titan in how they had the various benders attempt to bring down the giant metal monstrosity. Meelo’s block the line of sight plan was a great opener for he episode as we finally got to see just how cool and unique the glider suits could actually be in combat and to combine that with Bolin lavabending and the Beifong twins tying up its feet with wire made for some magnificent staging. My favorite part of this entire sequence though was when a large portion of the city got blown up behind Korra, the sheer visual quality of that shot was outstanding. Of course when all else fails you can always drop multiple buildings on the Colossus. Yeah, Su, Lin, and Bolin dropped multiple buildings on the damn thing like it was nothing, that is some great unique displays of earthbending.

While all this was happening we managed to have some great side character work for both Varrick and Asami as their stories reached their natural conclusions. First we have Varrick, our insanely gifted genius who was apparently abducted by circus people at a very young age proposing to Zhu Li. This was great for many reasons but mostly it helped to seal Varrick’s growth as a character from a self centered power hungry industrialist to someone who is able to care about the world around him and those he loves. I mean think back a second at Book Two Varrick, he was basically a James Bond villain and a half in that season and now he is dedicating to spend his life with a character who was basically the but of all the jokes in Book Two. That is high quality character development at its best and kudos to Mike and Bryan for planning out his arc in this way and of course John Michael Higgins for nailing every inch of Varrick’s character this season, it was masterful to say the least.

In similar fashion you have Asami, who lets take a second to look all the way back at Book One and remember where she came from. Meant to be Mako’s love interest and basically turned into a punching bag for any possible bad outcome in the Avatar world. Asami now runs her own very successful company, is a full blown diplomat, and an extremely important member of Korra’s inner circle. Not bad for someone who I fully believe I called “the worst” when she was first introduced and to have her finally be able to fully reconcile with Hiroshi was just the icing on the cake. Having one of the main villains of Book One be able to completely reform and make the noblest of sacrifices for not only the city he loves but his daughter was a great way to finish off his redemption. Make no mistake someone was inevitably going to die in some fashion and form Hiroshi to go out the way he did definitely brought the story full circle. Daniel Dae Kim nailed the time he was as Hiroshi and now I can’t picture this universe without that Miyazaki looking fellow.


Another character who deceivers major props for developing the way he did in such a short time is Prince Wu. Do you all remember how bad Wu was when he first popped up in the season premiere, yeah he has come a long way to say the least. For him to be super level headed and come up with a plan to not only escape the city but take down some of Kuvira’s forces was a big win for him. Also, the whole summoning badger-moles  thing through the power of song was just kooky enough to be extremely enjoyable. I can easily say that Wu is in a tie for my favorite character of the season with Korra, Varrick, and Bolin as his arc has been really enjoyable to watch.

A fantastic part one of two. Now to get ready for the water works.

Final Grade A-

+Team Korra vs The Colossus

+Varrick proposing to Zhu Li

+Hiroshi’s noble sacrifice

+Prince Wu stepping up


-No full redemption for Bataar Jr

Extra Thoughts

-Varrick: “Now let’s go attach these barely functional rust buckets to a giant killer smashing machine.” Zhu Li: “It’s exactly how I always pictured our engagement.” God I am going to miss these two.

-I know the lasers meant that Hiroshi had a purpose, but would it have been impossible for Bolin to lavabend them into it?

-I remember when Meelo was just yelling anarchy for the fun of it, now he uses it for full blown plans.

-Seriously that shot of the city blowing up behind Korra is just pure eye candy.

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