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REVIEW: The Flash 1×09 “The Man in The Yellow Suit”

Oh so that’s how things are going to be. “The Man in The Yellow Suit” had a lot to accomplish in its run time and it definitely delivered on many different accounts. Flash vs Reverse Flash, the face off, the reveal, the team up. There were a lot of moving parts that needed to come together in order for the episode to truly excel and we managed to get a huge boost with the inclusion of Ronnie. Make no mistake, this was Barry’s show and him actually dealing with the ramifications of meeting the man who he believes killed his mother, and on that front Grant Gustin nailed every little bit of the subtleties of Barry’s situation. But now we can finally get to the real meat and potatoes of the plot because the villain is out there and we know just how dangerous he can be. So let’s dive in.

So the big star this week was easily Reverse Flash, as the big bad made his presence known early and often throughout the episode taunting Barry in the only way he knows how. It is interesting that Reverse Flash never implicitly says that he killed Barry’s mother only that Barry knows who he is and they have been at this for quite a while. Of course with the reveal that Reverse Flash is indeed Professor Wells, a lot of the pieces about who he really is and why he has been so interested in Barry have begun to click into place. We know throughout comic history Reverse Flash has had basically a super fanboy fetish with Barry and wants Barry to be the best possible version of himself. So far, Wells has been attempting to do this in spades however what truly helps to define Reverse Flash as a villain is that he will typically go to any lengths to make Barry a better Flash – including murder. As Cisco confirmed for us tonight there were indeed two speedsters in Barry’s house the night his mother was murdered so we are left to wonder if Wells was indeed the man who murdered Nora Allen or if we are going the route of “Flashpoint”.

On the other side of the spectrum you had a fun B/C plot involving Caitlin and Cisco finally coming face to face with Ronnie, or as he is calling himself now, Firestorm. As excited as I am to see two of my favorite heroes in the same episode, there was really not a lot he added to the plot other than saving Barry at the last moment from Reverse Flash. Ronnie’s seeming amnesia due to his situation is a nice development as we have kind of been waiting to see if this is a background or foreground plot as Ronnie at this moment is not that interesting of a character other than the fact that he has powers. I realize that this is supposed to help us develop some sort of real emotional connection between Caitlin and Ronnie but it is just we know so little about there relationship before the accident that I don’t care they are going to be reunited.

In stark contrast we have Barry and Iris who we are constantly told and shown how much they care for and about each other. Everyone in the world knows how much Barry cares for Iris and now Iris finally knows Barry’s true feelings for her. Was this moment full of hokey emotional drama, you bet, but Grant Gustin killed it in all of his scenes tonight so you could see the terror in his eyes when he finally committed to telling Iris the truth. Gustin also nailed his scene with John Wesley Shipp and how Reverse Flash has basically taken everything from him. Barry being told to man up and not let Reverse Flash win helped to cement just how strong the relationship between these two characters truly is and I was really glad to see Shipp return this week. Hopefully in the back half of the season he will appear even more.

For me though the highlights of the episode were the multiple Flash v Reverse Flash fights that we got this week as they showed a bunch of interesting uses for Barry’s powers. Both the race through the city and the big brawl outside of STAR Labs had some amazing visuals. I was blown away by the entire sequence in the football stadium as it helped to demonstrate that Barry is truly a step or two behind Reverse Flash in terms of the control of his powers. It makes sense that he would be but to see how thoroughly outmatched he was this week really helped to demonstrate why Barry needs to take his training seriously if he even hopes to stand a chance against Reverse Flash. I can’t wait to see Barry fight him when he actually has some real control and understanding of what his powers are capable of.

Overall a really strong episode, and now we play the waiting game.

Final Grade B+

+Great performance by Grant Gustin

+Flash vs Reverse Flash

+Firestorm’s appearance

-Don’t care about Caitlin and Ronnie at all

-Seriously how does everyone except Iris know Barry is in love with her

Extra Thoughts

-I will say the Reverse Flash costume has some tinges of Black Flash in there. Very cool

-Literally called the Flash Ring halfway through the episode. Did not get the Speed Force generator.

-I want Mirror Master and I want him played by Alexis Denisof to play him. He nailed the persona in the cartoon.

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