The DC Masterplan – Examined!

They have a plan, DC. They have a Masterplan. And it wasn’t simply put together by people in suits using Microsoft Excel. Honest, really. They’re not simply trying to haphazardly put together a phase to rival Marvel. Not at all. Not at all. The plan is for you to give them your money and accept that it’s all going to work out just fine. Hopefully it will. The market place needs DC to be competing with Marvel in the age old name of consumer choice. Cynics of the world are currently uniting and offering their opinions on the proposed roster of films that Warner Bros (currently not in great financial shape) and DC Division are hoping will knock their noisy neighbours at Marvel off their perches. But is the DC plan gold dust or fool’s gold?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Critics are already expressing their opinions that a second Man of Steel film would have been the way forward. Even a Superman/Batman film would have been OK, but WB’s shoehorning in of other characters is already making this look like let’s play catch-up on Marvel’s The Avengers. Each week, another addition to Batman v Superman has seemingly joined the roster for appearance. Much has been made of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, but I’m guessing that the problem will be accommodating characters used to their own films with characters most people don’t know. The big concern here will be the script. Expect a big box office for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but will the film kickstart WB’s master plan? It can only be better than “Gotham”.

Suicide Squad (2016)


This could be the Guardians of the Galaxy of the pick. Villains as heroes and no expectation as to it being a hit, Suicide Squad could, and only if the tone is right, be a surprise package. At the back of every cynic’s mind is the inner voice shouting “Don’t let it be an X-Men The Last Stand or Daredevil or Fantastic Four or Green Lantern. The challenge for DC with all of their titles will be about getting the tone right. Marvel have achieved a consistency of tone so far. Suicide Squad could do good box office. Could. TONE!

Wonder Woman (2017)


I’ll state straight out that I think Wonder Woman is one of DC’s worst characters and a 70s TV series and an unscreened and unfinished terrible pilot recently kind of backed that theory up. Even the name is awful. A female variant of Superman who also gets the bonus of a magic lassoo and an invisible plane, Wonder Woman was only great in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (another example of where the WB Animated Division has been getting things right for years) and has proved to be such a bland character in the comics for so long that you wonder why release a solo film for a character that most of the world has no interest in? There has to be better DC female heroes. Aren’t there? Box office prediction should be high if they can attract significant numbers of female young adults, but expect an average story, weak script, and unlikely second outing.

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