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Top 6 Casting Announcements of 2014

With so many films and television series being announced this year, everyone is anxiously waiting to see who gets cast as what. We’ve all got our ideal vision for who should play our favourite characters. Hell, we at AP2HYC have done many a casting article, listing our top picks for characters we know and love.

But now it’s time to look back over the announcements of the year and reveal the top six casting choices that have been announced. Because the only thing better than speculating about casting is debating endlessly about casting. Oh the joys of being a geek!

DISCLAIMER! This list is my own personal opinion. If you have a complaint about my choices, please send us a letter at: 123 Whogivesadamn Street, Mindyourownbusinessville, Idon’tcareshire, Shutupland.  


6. Paul Rudd as Ant Man


What? I think it could work! Paul Rudd, why not? Why the hell not? He’s a perfectly decent actor. Let’s not forget that Marvel have a history of making seemingly odd casting choices that turned out great. Remember Mark Ruffalo? Nobody thought he should play Bruce Banner, but he nailed it!

I think we need to give Paul Rudd a chance and remind ourselves not to be so judgemental! Judging people gets us nowhere! Judging AND criticising! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to write another article explaining why the Justice League movies that haven’t even come out yet suck…


5. Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin


When they announced Charlie Cox as Daredevil, I thought: “Really? The guy from Stardust? Granted he’s not terrible but… really?”. I’m sure he’ll be fine (although Marvel clearly should have read about who I thought could play him), but honestly, he’s not who I’m most excited about in that series. I’m most excited about Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk a.k.a. the Kingpin.

This is a guy that’s referred to as “the human chameleon”! He’s played such a wide variety of roles across various genres. If I were to list all his accomplishments, we’d be here all day. From Full Metal Jacket, to Men in Black, to the more recent The Judge, Vincent may have some big shoes to fill after the late great Michael Clarke Duncan‘s portrayal of the Kingpin, but I’m confident he will succeed.


4. Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther


Blimey did this guy come out of nowhere! After a string of bit parts on various television shows like CSI: NY, Castle, Fringe, Law and Order and ER, he suddenly explodes onto the screen as James Brown in the critically acclaimed Get On Up. And believe me when I say most of the acclaim was directed at his performance. Rightly so.

The guy is amazingly talented. I can’t WAIT to see him as King T’Challa! Apparently he’s going to first appear in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War (SQUEEEEEEE!!! I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop myself), so we’ve only got over a year… to… wait… huh.

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