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Top 6 Live Action Shows Marvel Should Do

Who’s excited for Daredevil? I’m excited for Daredevil! Come May next year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is gonna get a little bit bigger, with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist following, not to mention Agent Carter in January. Hoo boy, 2015 is going to rock! I’ve always said Marvel should do more live action TV series and my wish is starting to come true! Now all that’s left is for Disneyland to collapse into a sinkhole and Batman to die in an embarrassing autoerotic asphyxiation incident. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

But I still think there are a lot of ideas Marvel should capitalise on. There’s a whole lot of characters that are ripe for the picking and I’m taking it upon myself to pluck them from the orchard! Let’s have a look!

DISCLAIMER! *Sung to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”* ♫ Thiiiiiiiiis, list is my own opinion! This list is my own opinion! You may have other ideas, but I couldn’t give a damn! This list is my own opinion, YEEE-HAW!♫ 


6. Nova


Including the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy was a cool idea. But you know what’d be even cooler? Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon fighting in a boxing ring. But second to that is a Nova TV series. Backstory time! Richard Rider is an ordinary guy who is visited by a dying alien, a member of an intergalactic peace keeping organisation, who bequeaths him the extraordinary powers of the Nova force. What’s that? That sounds like the origin of Green Lantern? *Nervously* Uhhhhh. Ignore that! This is nothing like Green Lantern! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Nova has alternated between being an earthbound superhero and a space cop, but it was during the Annihilation Wave story when he truly started to shine. And true, a space epic story like Nova’s would cost a lot in the special effects department, but if anyone could pull it off, Marvel could! Plus, it could all build up to crossover with GotG in an Annihilation movie! OH, THE POSSIBILITIES! OH, THE WONDERS! OH, THE AWESOME SOUNDTRACKS! Seriously, it’s been ages and I’ve still got “Hooked on a Feeling” in my head. Oh well, might as well enjoy it. Oooga chaka! Oooga chaka!


5. Ghost Rider


Now… this one might be a bit harder to pull off. But you have to admit, it lends itself to TV quite well. Johnny Blaze frequently travelled from place to place, encountering all sorts of demonic monstrosities and whatnot. Hell, if Constantine can do it, why not Ghost Rider? Side note, anyone else underwhelmed by that show? Matt Ryan‘s pretty good but the woman playing Zed’s kinda annoying. I like to call her “Frowny Face”. But, I digress.

Again, the budget would have to be high, no way around it. Those flaming skull effects don’t come cheap, y’know! But despite that, I think it could work. Have a younger, less… Cage-y Johnny Blaze (Nick, I love you, but you scare me sometimes) and have his love interest Roxanne return in a more active role, like maybe she’s an occult expert who’s trying to help remove Johnny’s curse? I mean, if Marvel could do an Incredible Hulk series in the 70’s, I think we can do a Ghost Rider series in the…what the hell do we call this decade? The tweenies? No, that sucks. Anyway, the point is Marvel have the rights to Ghost Rider back from Columbia and they need to make full use of them! Soon, Johnny Blaze eating jelly beans out of a martini glass will be a distant, yet horrifying, memory.


4. Moon Knight


I’m not sure a lot a lot of people are familiar with Moon Knight. He’s always been kind of… well, not underplayed. He’s just sort of… there. Not drawing any attention to himself. Not making a fuss. He’s just sort of… doing his thing. You want to pay attention? Fine. He doesn’t mind. It’s kind of odd. I feel like he deserves more attention. But his backstory… oh dear.

Marc Spector is a former boxer/marine/mercenary with multiple personality problems who was given superpowers by the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu. Yes. You heard me right. His backstory is complicated to say the least. But he’s still an interesting character, and it’s his personal demons that get you wrapped up in his struggles against crime. Maybe Marvel should streamline the character a bit, just to help the uninitiated, so long as they don’t get rid of his grit and dark side. It could work! Honestly!

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