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REVIEW: Agent Carter 1×03 “Time and Tide”

Although this week’s episode of Agent Carter was not as great as its predecessors, it still made for an entertaining hour of television. “Time and Tide” followed Carter and Jarvis as they further delved into the mysterious subject matter revolving around Howard Stark, Leviathan, and the shady dealings of the SSR. (spoilers ahead!)

“Time and Tide” was an interesting episode to me for multiple reasons. The plot was pretty straightforward and a little bland, but it was the character development that really shone for me. I like seeing the chemistry between Agent Carter and Jarvis (portrayed by Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy respectively), and how they naturally seem to play off of each other. Each scene with the pair feels very natural. Ever since the first episode of the series, I’ve theorized that perhaps the two characters may end up as more than just partners (despite Jarvis being married to another woman). Thanks to the convincing relationship between Atwell and D’Arcy, I would say that their characters becoming a romantic couple would not be completely out of the question in the future.

This raises an important point about the show – we were told that we would see Carter’s husband and discover more about their relationship after Captain America’s disappearance. What if Jarvis really does end up being that husband? It would be a really neat tie-in amongst the characters. Captain America’s ex-girlfriend marries Tony Stark’s dad’s butler? Not only that, but there is also another theory circulating about how Agent Carter may actually be Agent Phil Coulson’s mother! I’ll let that sink in for a few moments…


Also, there is a hypothesis that is slightly less dramatic than the last two I’ve mentioned. You’d have to be blind not to notice the implied relationship between Carter and Agent Sousa of the SSR. The name of the actor who plays Sousa is Enver Gjokaj. He’s had roles in Dollhouse, Dexter, and, oh yeah, Avengers Assemble!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.54.22 PM

There he is, playing the cop who encounters Captain America while the Chitauri are attacking New York. Is this just a huge coincidence? Or was it done intentionally? What if Carter and Sousa get married and have a son, and rather than following in his parents’ footsteps, Sousa Jr. just happens to grow up into an ordinary NYPD officer who gets caught up in a major alien invasion and runs into the shield-bearing hero who could’ve been his father?

Mind. Blown.

Enough talking about parentage and potential children. I need to talk more about this episode.

I mentioned last week how Agent Carter reminds me of Gotham, but in a good way. Both shows are meant to display the other side of the popular world of superheroes: the police-work, the investigations, the interrogations, the corruption, etc.

In this episode, the similarities between these two shows become more apparent. Both shows feature a charming yet assertive butler who can also be a bad-ass when necessary. There is also a seedy police force featured in both programs, and I can write an entire essay on the extremely similar good cop/bad cop vibe coming from Agent Carter‘s Jack Thompson and Ray Krzeminski, and Gotham‘s Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock.

The climax of the episode is when Krzeminski is driving a suspect back to the police station, and the two are assassinated by a mysterious cloaked figure. The end of the episode has everyone moping around and crying about Krzeminski’s death. Even Carter sheds a tear.

To be honest, I didn’t care about his death. We’re only three episodes in, and I think we didn’t get enough development out of the character. Was I supposed to be sad? Or shocked? I couldn’t care less about a guy who I really didn’t get to know, not to mention that practically every scene we saw him in, he was a complete d*ck.

All in all, it was a mediocre episode. It’s still the beginning of the series and it’s understandable that it takes some time to gain traction. But this is a mini-series that is only supposed to last eight episodes, and the first two were so good! The characters may have kept me interested in “Time and Tide”, but the episode could’ve been a little better.

Final Grade: B
+ Another round of great performances from Atwell and D’Arcy.
+ I enjoyed the well-choreographed fight scene between Carter and the big guy at the end of the episode.
+ It’s fun to think about the possible family connections and theories among the different characters. 

– The plot was a little slower than the previous episodes.

– I was completely unphased by Krzeminski’s death.

– The show’s parallels with Gotham were fun at first, but now it’s all feeling a bit contrived.


Extra thought:

– The mysterious assassin at the end of the episode most likely works for Leviathan, but as of now, it’s difficult to make an accurate guess as to his/her identity.


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