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REVIEW: Agent Carter 1×04 “The Blitzkrieg Button”

Agent Carter seems to have taken a sharp turn downwards this week. The first few episodes of this show were entertaining and really piqued my interest. But when I watched “The Blitzkrieg Button” tonight, I just felt bored and disappointed. It felt more like a chore watching it. (spoilers ahead!)

I thought that including more Howard Stark would be interesting, but I guess I was wrong. Although Dominic Cooper is a great actor who perfectly nails the character, his appearance wasn’t enough to keep me entertained. He just bangs any girl that he encounters and throws a little exposition here and there. Again, he’s pulling a perfect Howard Stark, but his presence is doing little to actually progress the show. I preferred it when he was mostly out of the picture.

I’m going to admit something: the plot kinda lost me this episode, except for the moments with Carter and Stark. The titular Blitzkrieg Button is almost like an EMP. Stark created it to shut off the power in an entire town, which could help turn the tide of battles. Carter has to work with Stark and the trusty Jarvis to retrieve this weapon. But of course, it’s never that simple!


The rest of the agents at the SSR are hot on Carter’s tail. Soon enough, they’ll know about her double-life and know about her shady secret agent missions! Oh, no!

Sorry for the sarcasm. The plot sounds exciting on paper, however, it didn’t hold up on the screen. I’m not sure why or where exactly this episode lost me. Maybe the lack of Jarvis. Or maybe the huge focus being taken off of Agent Carter. Instead, most of the hour consisted of us watching the guys at the SSR interrogate a homeless guy and Chad Michael Murray eat a hamburger.

Speaking of CMM, he’s also been doing a decent job on the show. I thought he would be one of the “heroes” who supports Carter and helps her out. But now I see him as just this misogynistic scumbag who is almost like Carter’s nemesis. CMM is typically the soft-hearted boy-next-door who gets the girl. Now, he’s the power-hungry douchebag with the badge. That kind of flip-flop deserves recognition.

Agent Carter is ending in about four more episodes. There IS an end-game planned, but what is it? How is the show supposed to end? I theorized that it would possibly have something to do with the obelisk from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or possibly the Pym Particles that would be featured in Ant-Man, but it appears that Marvel wants to keep their movies and their television shows in their own domains (while still remaining in the same respective universe). It’s mind-boggling.

And of course, I can’t review this episode without talking about the obligatory Stan Lee cameo. It’s very faint, but noticeable. A nice little touch to the episode, but not enough to save it.

Final Grade: C +

Hayley Atwell‘s performance is great as usual. Chad Michael Murray deserves credit as well.

+ The Stan Lee cameo might have been brief, but it’s still refreshing and reminds us of the over-arcing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

+ The concept of the Blitzkrieg Button was interesting, even if it fell flat.


– An overall boring episode.

– Hard to keep up with the plot sometimes due to the constant shifting in motives and characters.

– Most of the characters look generic, and it becomes a little hard to remember who’s who.

What do you think of the show? Is it still entertaining you or has it gone off the deep end? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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