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REVIEW: Constantine 1×10 “Quid Pro Quo”

Drinking expired milk, forgetting groceries at the store after paying for them, getting a paper cut: These are things that would be preferable to watching Constantine. Also, of all the days of the week this show just has to air on Fridays. Luckily this was one of the better episodes.

Constantine (Matt Ryan) must help save Chandler’s (Charles Halford) daughter’s soul. Meanwhile flashbacks explain why Chas has his super natural abilities.

The pacing of this episode makes it feel like a different show. John probably has less screen time than Chas. It is a nice change of pace, I guess. Though, there is still a strange scene in the beginning of the episode, in which Zed (Angélica Celaya) briefly talks to John about her crazy father. That is very out of place and, just like last week, the problem is quickly forgotten. Chas is more interesting that Zed is, so his screen time outweighs hers.

Chas’ wife just feels wrong. Ninety percent of her time is spent complaining about John, despite the fact that he is the only person around that can help their daughter. She has a point when she tells Chas that he should be around for his daughter, but she is also cold hearted in that decision. She knows that Chas saves many lives by helping Constantine, but she does not care about that. She would rather have him let all those people die. Spending an extra couple of hours with his kid is apparently more important than saving dozens of lives. Also, Chas is impatient and worried and lashes out at John throughout the episode, even going as far as punching him in the face. That was unnecessary. It turned out that Chas had a plan all along, but he could have told him about it.

The flashbacks feel strange. They do not feel as if they even take place in the past. Also, show, don’t tell. John tells Chas that he cast a spell on him, before he died in a fire. The souls of everyone that died there were absorbed by Chas, which explains how he is able to regenerate. It would have been dramatic if the flashbacks had shown Chas in the burning building and dying. Instead John just explains to him what happened…while they sit at a bar. It is as if they wanted to film Chas trying to rescue people, but then they realized that they had a smaller budget and decided to just change the scene to exposition in a cheap bar.

Also, this episode probably had the worst special effects so far.

Final Grade: C

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