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REVIEW: Constantine 1×11 “A Whole World Out There”

It is a real shame that I felt some pleasure by watching a mediocre show. That is because I am so used to Constantine being outright awful that anything better seems superb. The best way to sum up the episode is with a single word.


A group of university students experiment with spells and become stalked by a ghost. John Constantine (Matt Ryan) goes to help his old friend Jeremy (Ritchie Simpson) save his students.

Previous episodes had the advantage of being so bad that they came off as comedic, which made them more bearable. This episode is just bland. The characters are bland. The story is bland. None of the students have distinct personalities. Manny’s (Harold Perrineau) CGI wings look awful. Almost none of the supporting characters are present. The only thing that happens that resembles a good idea is the professor’s message at the end of the episode. This is about how people will always suffer if they have a need for things that end up making them suffer. Something like that; I can’t remember. Anyway, this message is played while John drinks heavily to help not feel pain for the people that he failed. Earlier in this episode, Jeremy tells John that he knows he is hurting on the inside and that he tries to hide it. Okay…so the whole point of this episode is to show that John is depressed because he keeps failing his friend…but that was established in the very first episode. So this episode is pointless.

A murderer cast his spirit away into another dimension. Occasionally people stumble into his world, and then he kills them. Then their spirits stay there forever, and he kills them over and over again. He sneaks up on most of his victims and kills them before they get a chance to defend themselves. Though…one character is not killed this way. One of the students just stands there and is slashed at for a while. He never even attempts to defend himself. He never even lifts up his arms. This is supposed to be taken seriously? How was this even filmed? How did nobody on the set say “Hey, maybe he should try and defend himself instead of just standing there for a minute while being stabbed.”

After one of the students mysteriously drops dead, his friends decide that the best thing to do is ignore the fact that they all had a supernatural experience. Why must a “horror” TV show subject itself to the fallacies of crappy horror films? The fact that this show is far less entertaining than crappy horror films just makes these storytelling issues much worse.

Two weeks from now this show will end, for either the season or just forever. The ending will be the best part of the show because it will finally be over.

Final Grade: C-

What did you think of the episode? Did you find it boring? Are you happy or upset about the strong possibility that this show is getting canceled? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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