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REVIEW: Gotham 1×12 “What the Little Bird Told Him”

Johnny Cash makes everything better. The first scene of this episode works well with “Ain’t No Grave” playing through it. It actually made me excited for the episode, despite my better judgement. It was the best part of the episode, in my opinion. So…technically, it all went down hill from there.

James Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) is given 24 hours to bring in the Electrocutioner (Christopher Heyerdahl). If he is unable to do this, then he and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) will work in Arkham for the rest of their careers, but of course we know they won’t.

This episode gives the audience what they really want…sort of. Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) finally attempts to take the throne away from Falcone (John Doman). The events that occur during her attempted takeover are predictable, but are still a bit enjoyable to watch unfold. The Penguin’s (Robin Lord Taylor) knowledge of Liza (Makenzie Leigh) finally comes into play this episode. Maroni (David Zayas) finally learns that Oswald has been involved with Falcone, though not in great detail and in a very silly way. Oswald mentions a meeting with Falcone as he wakes up, after he was knocked out by the Electrocutioner. Liza will no longer be on the show, which is a good thing. Her actress was probably one of the worst actors on the show, though most of the acting on the show is not too great anyway. Though, this may be because of the writing, though I don’t think so.

Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) has several awkward scenes this week. He decides that the best way to hit on his crush is to send her riddles. A bullet in a cupcake is creepy, though Ed seems to find that romantic. These scenes feel out of place, especially in an episode in which Fish tries to usurp Falcone while Gordon hunts a madman. Two scenes, not just one, involve his futile attempts to woo his coworker. Cory deserves some credit though, as he acts well, despite the material.

Falcone orders that Fish and Butch (Drew Powell) are not to be killed, and instead are taken away and locked up. He says that he wants them alive…of course. The fact that this is only halfway through the season makes it obvious that Fish would survive. The good thing about all of this is that Falcone “feels alive” once again, which I presume means that he will become more involved in the show.

The Electrocutioner was one of the more interesting villains that the show has had, I think. He has several things going for him: it took two episodes for Gordon to catch him, he had one of the better henchmen, and he was cartoony in a way that seemed real in the world that the show presents. Also, he just looks menacing, like a Nazi in Indiana Jones.

Overall, it was a better episode than many that preceded it.

Final Grade: B-

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