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REVIEW: Agent Carter 1×06 “A Sin to Err”

Only two more episodes left of Agent Carter! That means it’s time to start wrapping up the story and tying up loose ends. Tonight’s episode, “A Sin to Err”, managed to slowly head toward the conclusion while also leaving a lot of questions unanswered. (spoilers ahead!)

As we saw on last week’s episode, the SSR was one step closer to discovering Agent Carter’s secret. In this episode, it finally comes to a head and the agents find out that she has been committing some undercover criminal acts. But this doesn’t happen until the second half of the episode. The first half of the show continues from last week’s episode where Carter is trying to find out more about these mysterious female assassins that were being trained by Leviathan. Carter assumes that Leviathan used one of these assassins to trick Stark into divulging secrets about his weaponry.

A brief sequence follows in which Carter and Jarvis go to all these girls who have slept with Stark and attempt to find the assassin. This scene annoyed me because it seemed like a cheap gag meant for a quick laugh. Carter would ask the girls about Stark, they’d get angry, and then slap Jarvis across the face. Rinse and repeat. It might have been cute once, but I think that this show could do much better than resorting to this slapstick routine.

The show makes up for it, though, in a later scene after the SSR discovers Carter’s undercover endeavors. A few agents set up an ambush for Carter and Jarvis at a diner, but the two heroes fight their way out. This has to be the most action I’ve seen on the show, and I know that a lot of people are happy to see it. Agent Carter was already being criticized for not being a show revolving around superheroes and action and whatnot. This scene may have turned the doubters into believers. It’s just a shame that we had to wait this long for such a bad-ass scene.

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There was another portion of the show that I really liked, which was the sub-story involving Dottie. It’s almost obvious now that she is some early version of Black Widow, but we’re learning more and more about her background and her involvement with Leviathan. Is she a double-agent or is she truly an evil entity with a mission to destroy the United States? I’m hoping for the former.

In the final moments of the episode, Carter gets caught by the SSR and is brought in for questioning. She’s facing off against Jack Thompson, who does not play nice when it comes to interrogation. Now the audience is left wondering whether Carter will get her say in, or if the SSR is going to brush her off and send her to jail. They already lack respect for her because she’s a woman. Now they found out she’s possibly a treacherous woman? Game over.

Unfortunately, the problem with this (and with most prequels) is that we often know how it will turn out in the end. Obviously, Carter is going to be freed and will probably revolutionize the entire SSR, possibly spearheading the launch of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s predictable. This is due to the fact that we know what happens in the future just by watching the other films and shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There can’t be that much suspension. The most we can hope for is if there is this huge epic reveal at the end that completely blows our mind without disrupting the MCU continuity. Only time will tell.

All I can really say is that this was another average episode at best. It could’ve been trimmed down to a half-hour, or included more vital scenes, but I’m somewhat satisfied with what I watched.

Final Grade: B –

+ Loved seeing Jarvis and Carter fighting past the SSR agents in the diner.

+ I’m starting to like Dottie even if she’s a henchman (henchwoman?) for Leviathan.

+ Need I say it? Atwell’s performance was great.


– The episode seemed slow; it could’ve been wrapped up in half the time.

– I’m not sure if this is on purpose, but the way the SSR is operating is just unusual and seems inefficient. I think this could be done intentionally to show the ineffectiveness of the organization?

– I felt that the gag with Jarvis and Carter going door-to-door to find Stark’s flings was a bit gimmicky. The show can do better than resorting to cheap gags like this.

Any thoughts on tonight’s episode of Agent Carter? What do you think will happen with Carter? Where is Howard Stark? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section or send us a shout on Twitter!

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