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REVIEW: Constantine 1×13 “Waiting for the Man”

I was surprised to find that I did not find any problems with the episode, or at least I was not bothered by anything. I was fully engrossed in the show. The only scene that seemed a little (tiny bit) forced was when John tells Liv about his parents. Otherwise, any exposition that is given is done in a way that feels authentic and true to the characters. Technically that scene is true to the characters; it just didn’t need to be there. Normally a noir character is more interesting when less backstory is given but this scene actually sheds light on the character in a way that improves him, so this is not really a complaint. I am really stretching here by trying to say that this short scene could have been done better, but that’s the point. I have to nitpick in order to try and find something “wrong” with the show. I can’t. Sorry. Maybe next week?”

That is how I ended my review of the first episode of Constantine, and boy did I think differently of the show back then. That was the only good episode, at least until now (maybe?). Week after week I hoped and hoped that the show would improve, yet it always found a way to disappoint. Weak creatures die on Friday the 13th. Today happens to be Friday the 13th, and this is the 13th episode. Coincidence?

So what happened tonight? Well, Matt Ryan gave his usual performance as John. He wasn’t worse or better than he usually is, he was just the same. He seems to always play the character the same exact way, lacking true emotion, like a robot. Angélica Celaya’s Zed is also devoid of emotion, as well as their detective friend Jim Corrigan (Emmett J. Scanlan). I can never understand what he is saying because he always sounds like he is mumbling.

The only good thing about this episode was the atmosphere. The show successfully created a creepy environment, and it was done without bad special effects. The three child-brides, reminiscent of the brides of Dracula, were genuinely creepy. So this show managed to make monsters and ghouls laughable, yet was able to make teenagers scary.

So it all ends with the cliffhanger that Manny (Harold Perrineau) is probably evil, and probably Satan. That seems like it could have had promise if the series survived. Though, does it make sense? He saved John’s life multiple times, and even killed one of the fallen angels. That would mean that he killed someone that was on his side, but somehow this works for him? Either way it does not warrant wasting time wondering about what could have been.

This show is a vampire, one of the walking dead, and NBC finally hammered its well deserved stake into its heart.

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