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REVIEW: Gotham 1×15 “The Scarecrow”

“Girls didn’t look that good when I was in school.” That line was by far the best part of this episode. That is the sleazy Harvey Bullock that we all know and love. It almost seems out of character. Unfortunately, there are few “good” moments this week. Though, if you have been watching the show from the beginning then you know that that is the standard for Gotham.

Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) and Harvey (Donal Logue) continue their search for Dr. Crane (Julian Sands), while Gordon tries to tell Leslie (Morena Baccarin) that kissing is inappropriate in the working environment. The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) prepares his new club while Don Falcone (John Doman) attempts to persuade Don Maroni (David Zayas) to let Oswald live. Also, Bruce (David Mazouz) journeys into the wilderness to watch the sunset without Alfred’s (Sean Pertwee) supervision.

This episode serves to set up the current status of all the major characters, and it does so by sacrificing making the show actually enjoyable.

Bruce goes into the woods to watch the sunset to relive a memory of watching it with his parents, or something like that. The important thing is that he goes out on his own, because Batman is a loner (even though he isn’t). He sprains his leg and ties a stick to it in order to get back up the hill, because Batman is resourceful. Alfred is waiting for him at the top, letting him learn to work by himself. It all sets up the future of their relationship, since that seems to be all this show does with them.

Dr. Crane’s existence in the show feels more grounded and real than many of the previous villains, though that does not mean that it is enjoyable. His son, Jonathan Crane, is a tragic figure that almost creates a somewhat (say 5%) disturbing scene. Most of it their scenes, and several of this episode’s scenes in general, are laughable.

Cory Michael Smith’s Nygma continues to have a large amount of screen time, which is fine by me. His character continues to be one of the few people in Gotham that actually seems to enjoy himself.

The real kicker for the episode is the Dons. A few weeks ago Falcone mentioned that he felt like his old self again, and it shows. A month ago he would have seemed like a pushover, but now he makes sure that everyone knows that he is the boss. The…certain thing that he does to a judge in order to persuade Maroni to spare Oswald is particularly harsh (and entertaining).

The most clever scene in the episode involved the Penguin and Salvatore. Maroni pours a drink for Penguin, and the glass soon overflows and starts spilling to the floor. Oswald is beyond scared at this point.  A shot of his face is cut with a shot of the drink spilling to the floor between his legs, creating the illusion that he is peeing himself. The only problem with this is that the scene quickly ends, when it should have stayed with the moment longer for greater affect.

Overall a bland episode.

Final Grade: C

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  • I’m surprised you didn’t mention the worthless Fish Mooney subplot. The writers got rid of Barbara after figuring out they didn’t know what to do with the character, and now they’re giving us more of a character who has nothing to do with the main story.

    • That is all true. I didn’t mention Fish because I forgot about her scenes. As you said, her subplot was worthless, so much so that I couldn’t be bothered to remember it.