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REVIEW: The Flash 1×12 “Crazy For You”

I don’t care if everything before the last five minutes was absolute garbage, which it wasn’t, that ending is perhaps one of my favorite endings in any series. This week’s episode had a lot of moving parts in play: Cisco and Hartley researching Ronnie, Barry going after Shawna, Barry’s dad being back in the mix. All we were missing was Wells being menacing and we literally would have had almost every major plot point, but somehow “Crazy For You” managed to keep all of the plots well paced and given the appropriate time to not seem to drawn out or excessive.  Oh and that ending, even before the stinger made me so happy, and then the stinger happened and I had the biggest stupid smile on my face. Everytime I think this show has found it’s stride it somehow manages to do something to surpass it. So, lets dive in.

Out of the gate can I just say how much I missed John Wesley Shipp as Henry, because he just stole every scene that he was in tonight. First I loved that he was totally willing to help Barry and Joe as that allowed him, if even the smallest bit to be a part of his sons life. We have known and seen jus how much Henry cares about Barry, but his willingness to basically get shanked for him was going above his duty. Even as a father that was something so amazingly awesome that I just had to remark how cool the man was. Then we have my favorite scene of the entire episode with Henry telling Barry he knows and how proud he is of him as a father. The writers could have played with this for so much longer, but I am so elated that Henry is smart enough to recognize his own son and be proud of the hero he is. Everything about the way that scene was set up was absolutely perfect and it easily became my favorite non action scene of the entire series.

Speaking of heroes Cisco was a freaking boss this week as he was forced to team up with Hartley in order to find out more about what happened to Ronnie. At first I was hesitant that this storyline would fizzle out to early, but Cisco proved that he could hold his own against the Pied Piper any day of the week. Not only did Cisco invent a sonic device that screwed with Hartley’s hearing aid, but the fact he took Hartley on in a head to head fight really built up his credibility. Sure Hartley unfortunately managed to get away, but all of the material leading up to explored the fractured relationship between the two men. Sure Hartley and Cisco never liked each other but they at least on some level respected each others intellect. Hartley chose to keep playing along with Cisco because he was intrigued as to how far he could push Cisco before he eventually broke or slipped up. It was like watching a great game of cat and mouse that was sorely lacking from last weeks escapades, this week easily made up for it though.

Adding onto an already great plot was the fact that Barry and Caitlin were bonding over their attempts to move past their loved ones. Caitlin may not have been as directly outwardly focused on Ronnie as Barry is to Iris, but she has desperately needed some sort of development beyond female science sidekick. Watching her join Barry for a night on the town was definitely a blast as drunk Caitlin was a sight to behold and worth the price of admission. Add on the fact that she has seemingly forgiven Cisco for sealing Ronnie in the pipeline and you have some good character development for her as whole. The only part that was slightly weird for me as a flash fan is the fact that Barry is now dating Linda Park, you know I am fine with Barry having another love interest but Linda is Wally’s girl. I will accept someone else but Linda definitely nailed the characters personality of being straight forward.

The only part of the plot that really didn’t work for me was the wrap up of Peak-a-Boo aka Shawna and how quickly she was abandoned. It was a very simple route that the writers chose to take similar to when Rainbow Raider was locked up a few weeks back, but I just wished that the plot had a better end. I mean Shawna is not a bad person, but rather got mixed up with the wrong person. She seems like she could possibly become reformed and become a member of the team so we will see how this all plays out.

Overall a very strong episode.

Final Grade B+

+Cisco being a badass

+Caitlin getting character development

+Henry knowing Barry is The Flash


-Peek-a-Boo plot fizzled out at the end

-Barry dating Linda is weird to me

Extra Thoughts

-It takes balls to possibly set up the Big Bad for season two in the middle of season one, but it’s Grodd so who cares.

-I just need to say Grant Gustin’s body language and positioning during the final scene with Henry was absolutely perfect. Go back and actually watch it to see the change.

-Caitlin saying it’s ok for Barry to “Peek at the goods after all he has done” was funnier than it should have been.

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  • I felt like a major point of the episode was to give us a chance to look down Caitlin’s dress. Her cleavage was on full display as she was vomiting outside the bar.

    Her dismissal of Ronnie, her fiancé, seemed rushed and like lazy writing. Cisco gives her another piece of the puzzle and she just shrugs it off and decides to date other people.

    I’m also guessing Cisco has been trained by Oliver Queen in hand-to-hand combat because he turned into Jackie Chan for a moment there. Cisco should be teaching Barry how to fight and not just make him cool stuff.