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REVIEW: The Flash 1×14 “Fallout”

If I have learned one thing from watching The Flash every week it is that you should never threaten Barry in front of Professor Wells as it puts a very short clock on you. If there was anything wrong with “Fallout” it is very hard to point it out what if anything was bad about this episode since everything managed to be working on so many different levels. You had some great Firestorm plot, Barry being challenged multiple times by the military, Wells being Wells, that ending, and hell even Iris is getting a plot. There was just so much going on this week that the episode could’ve easily fell out of balance and been an utter mess and yet everything got just the right amount of development to be worthwhile. At this point The Flash is just a constant stream of rising action building up hype and man am I really excited to see how this all finishes off.

If this episode has reaffirmed anything at all in me it is that I just want a channel devoted to the DC TV universe because I would watch the hell out of a Firestorm show right now. I mean Robbie Amell and Victor Garber nailed not only the aspects of their own individual characters, but their combination work as Firestorm was top notch. I loved that both characters picked up some of the traits of their partner as Ronnie was the more rational and cautious member noting how dangerous the world has become since the accident and Dr. Stein was going full Doc Brown with all of the possibilities that have been opened up to him. It was a simple way to show that the two need each other in order to find balance in this new world and for them to be synced up mentally despite being operated was just the icing on the cake. The entire scene of Ronnie and Stein “working together” in order to find out the kidnapped Stein’s location was exciting to watch unfold, and I was thrilled to see how their partnership developed over the hour.

However what really helped to push the episode over the top was the fact that Barry was in fact not the saviour this week, Firestorm was. At multiple times in the episode Barry was put in his place by the advance military weaponry that Eiling had prepared for him and it was up to Firestorm to actually survive and save the day while Barry was incapacitated. We got to see the character develop from schizophrenic manic to one of the most powerful beings on the entire planet in basically a week’s time and that does huge things for Firestorm’s character as a whole. It also helps to boost the entire structure of the show as to say that Barry, the title character of the show does not need to save the day every time there is danger. I like that the show is willing to take that risk it shows commitment to the characters around Barry that is not often seen on other shows.

Add on to this that Barry is apparently not afraid about the fact that he has time travelled and is going to used those ten photos of the night his mother was murdered in order to stop the attack, and you have some strong plot development all around. Barry is so gung ho about the fact that he will have a chance to rescue his mother that he doesn’t realize the possible repercussions of such an action. For Barry to be so willing to possibly destroy his future means a hell of a lot to who he is as a person and I am looking forward to seeing how and if his friends try to stop him.

Another surprisingly joys occasion happened this week as Iris has finally managed to get a full on plot to drive her character as she will be investigating Star Labs in order to find out what really happened the night of the explosion. The two characters who have unfortunately suffered the most lack of development this season are Eddie and Iris, so for even one of them to even get the slightest bit of character development is a big win for the series. Now if Eddie actually get something to do after the break this might actually turn into a full on great cast that uses all of it’s actors.

The biggest plot point to come out of this week though was seemingly the post credits stinger which not only involved Wells in the Reverse Flash costume pulling off the mask to reveal himself, but also everyone’s favorite nine hundred pound gorilla, Grodd getting some more screen time. To actually not only see Grodd pull Eiling away and seemingly kill him was a sight to behold and the super menacing voice in Eiling’s head was just an added bonus. This does however raise the question as to just how long has Wells known about Grodd and what he can do. Also, are the two working together or simply out for their own self interests? Either way I am super excited to see that we are slowly building up to Grodd and that his presence is being treated with the utmost care.

Overall a superb episode, too bad we have to wait a month for the next one.

Final Grade A-

+Firestorm material was top notch

+Iris got a real plot this week

+Barry determined to rewrite time

+Wells and Grodd revealing themselves to Eiling

+Barry’s powers being contained by the military tech

-Barry really doesn’t understand the entire idea of a secret identity

Extra Thoughts

-The delivery of Cisco on “Dude that is so week three” was absolutely perfect

-The white eyes for Firestorm was a super nice touch. In fact if this show has any sort of special effects budget left after this week I would be amazed.

-“Not God, Grodd” literally fist pumped in the air when that happened.

-Joe just happened to get a key to Barry’s old house in a day’s time. Super convenient.

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