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4 Heroes We’d Like To See In The Arrow/Flash Spin-off

DC has been making great strides in television over the past few years. The 2014-2015 season has been big for the comic company as Arrow and The Flash have exceeded audience expectations and revived people’s interests in classic superheroes. But even though these shows have been doing well enough on their own, there is always room for expansion.

Recently, there was an announcement about a crossover/spin-off in the works that would feature the Flash, the Green Arrow, and several additional heroes and villains from their respective series. Although we know most of the roster by now, there is still some speculation as to who else will join the cast. Here are four heroes that we’d like to see make an appearance.

4. Steel


I won’t deny that the 1997 movie Steel was an atrocity. It’s one of the many films that tarnished the DC brand. But we shouldn’t let that affect our feelings towards the character of Steel. An inventor and engineer with a genius-level intellect, John Henry Irons donned a suit made of steel and armed himself with a sledgehammer in an attempt to carry on the legacy of Superman after his death. While he has no superhuman capabilities, he’s still capable of holding his own against more formidable opponents (including Doomsday).

Steel would be an excellent addition to the Arrow/Flash-verse because he’s another everyman who wants to make the world a better place by taking justice into his own hands. Some hardcore DC fans may be unhappy with Steel showing up without Superman’s death acting as a catalyst, but it’s not the first time that Arrow or The Flash have taken creative liberties with characters.

3. Starfire


Starfire may seem like another odd choice for the crossover, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like a great idea. Arrow and The Flash have both already broken the barrier between straightforward realism and science-fiction (and possibly magic depending on whether we see the Lazarus Pit or not). Now it’s time to bring in the worlds beyond our galaxy. Let’s see Starfire come to this planet and encounter our heroes. Maybe she’s a rogue at first and has to be stopped before she runs amok in the city? Maybe she shows up to planet Earth alongside Supergirl (who is due for her own series within the next year, which may or may not take place in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash).

Starfire’s appearance can also add a touch of drama to the show because of her relationship with Roy Harper. I know, I know – most people don’t care about this kind of sappy love stuff on a show about superheroes. But you have to remember that these are real people. There is bound to be a little personal trouble here and there. You have to have them show emotions and feelings. Also remember that love is a driving force for many heroes and villains. Think about the repercussions that a Starfire/Harper romance could cause among the characters…

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