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REVIEW: 12 Monkeys 1×08 “Yesterday”

What makes a villain I mean you have the general idea that there is some bigger than yourself enemy, and then you have the smaller rivals that our heroes are forced to confront. On this week’s 12 Monkeys we met one of those rivals in the form of Colonel Foster a seeming religious zealot who is looking for a cure to the plague as opposed to stopping it all together. If there is one thing I have learned about 12 Monkeys is that the big bad Army of the 12 Monkeys isn’t the villain we were expecting. They are only imposing some of the time, their endgame already happened so they have to be super compelling or else, and the real villains are created due to their plan actually working. There is just so much our big bads could be doing that they aren’t, but thank god for Foster because he is atlas a compelling foil.

So the future plot once again presented a compelling and powerful threat for our heroes to confront in the form of Foster. He seems to largely be the opposite of Jones, a man of faith driven by his need to find a cure for everything that has gone wrong. In comparison to Jones Foster is a much more forward thinker, he has given people a home and security from the threat of the virus, and he has somehow begun working towards some type of cure. What is great about Foster as a villain is that he is not entirely wrong about Jones boxing herself and her team off from the world. Foster is willing to accept people into his world like Ramse ex and give them an entirely new life. Say what you will but even Jones has been super cautious about letting people into their base. Foster represents a great case of what could be possible and that the world might not be doomed after all, unfortunately all everyone would need to do is bow down to him and follow his word.

Speaking of Foster’s world is was really easy for Ramse to be enticed by how seemingly perfect everything is at Spearhead. I mean they have power, clean living, education, and most of all Ramse’s family. It was a little disheartening to see just how quickly Ramse has seemingly abandoned Cole in favor of a new, cleaner, safer life but I definitely understand his perspective. Ramse knows that with the generator they can at least get Cole back and if they all join Spearhead they might even find a cure that won’t erase Cole from existence. I hope that Ramse takes a more proactive role in these discussions as he is a valuable member of the team. I also hope that we simply don’t get a Foster was secretly an evil cult leader plot which we seem to be setting up for. Both of these plot lines fell like they have a good amount of potential and if they easily become squandered I will be bummed.

Speaking of being a bummer, what happened to the cool confident Cassie of last week? I mean this was basically a 180 with her looking for the missing Cole and being seemingly lost without him. I half expected her to run into Cole’s arms at the end, but luckily Cole has been flung into the future. It is just depressing since we know Cassie can be a strong and capable character but instead this week she was relegated to acting like she had lost her dog or something. Even Aaron didn’t attempt to stop her and get her to move on from her search, and he is the seemingly smart one these days. I am left hoping that this is simply a one week problem but who knows what will happen now that Cassie must be in all hands on deck mode due to the plague getting out.

Overall it was a slightly down episode.

Final Grade C+

+Seeing Foster’s way of life

+Ramse evaluating his options

+Cole being thrown further into the future.

-Cassie being pretty useless

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